“ANU Is Ranked Number 1 In Australia And Number 22 On Global University Employability Ranking”

In an email interview with BW Education, Dr Bronwen Whiting, Associate Dean (Education) Australian National University, College of Business and Economics talks about the university’s focus on the Indian market and its employability and graduate outcomes:

What exactly is ANU’s focus on India? How is the university planning to attract Indian students to their campus?

As one of the top 20 universities in the world, ANU attracts the brightest students from around the globe. Excellence is the essence of everything we do at ANU.  We recognize the calibre of students who come to us from India and would therefore like to attract more high quality Indian students to study at ANU. We are also increasing our engagement and partnership with local universities and industry to expand educational experiences for our students and strengthen academic collaborations.

In order to attract high performing Indian students to ANU we are increasing our presence and activities in India and offering a number of scholarship opportunities for students. The ANU College of Business and Economics is hosting our first ever Open Day events in Delhi and Mumbai to showcase our unique education philosophy and provide an opportunity for students to meet our world-class academics.

Does the university offer any alternative or unconventional courses besides the obvious ones, to help students compete in the competitive market?

In terms of program structure, for undergraduate students ANU offer a very unique program options called Flexible Double Degree. This structure is unique to ANU and allows students to combine two academic areas of study, which tremendously increase their employment opportunities.

At the course level we offer students practical learning experiences; for example one of our undergraduate courses in Finance allows students to practice their academic knowledge of investment by investing real money in real firm – real life finance investment activity.

Our global marketing course partners with local businesses and students work on real life business cases and make recommendations on how businesses can expand into new markets, and which markets to target. Many of these recommendations have been implemented by companies following the completion of the project.

These are just a few examples of how we design our courses to maximize student’s academic learning and practical experience. We recognize that these are the differences which mark our students out to employers and which are pivotal to the success of our students in the job market.  

How are the university’s graduate outcomes? What is the proportion of students getting enrolled as compared to students’ getting placed?

ANU is ranked number 1 in Australia and number 22 in the world on the Global University Employability ranking. Our latest Graduate Outcomes Survey showed that 76% of graduates obtained full time employment within 4 month after graduation.

What can be done to help students to prepare them better to compete in the longer run in the ever changing market?

It is important for students to not only have skills that are relevant today but also relevant for the future. The ANU College of Business and Economics focuses on developing leaders who transform business, society and economies. What we teach is innovative and at the forefront of development within Australia and internationally. ANU is the first university in the world to teach evidence based management as part of our management degrees which focuses on skills that will allow students to solve issues of the future.

One of the reason ANU graduates are highly recognized by employers is due to our unique research led education philosophy which teaches student how to think and analyse. Students are taught to think out side of the box, analyse, criticize and formulate their own ideas and solutions. These skills are timeless and by learning how to think and analyse, our students and graduates are prepared to take on the ever-changing world in which we now work.  

What are some of the India specific sponsorships being offered by the university?

The university and the college offer a number of scholarship opportunities. At the university level we offer the ANU Excellence Scholarship. For students interested in business and economics we offer the India Excellence Scholarship. We are also proud to announce two new scholarships exclusively offered to Indian students as part of our Open Day Activities. For high school students interested in finance, actuarial studies or statistics the new RSFAS India Undergraduate Merit Scholarship is valued at $10,000 per year. For students interested in bachelor or master degrees in accounting, the RSA India Merit Scholarship offers a 50% tuition fee waiver for eligible students. All scholarships are merit based in order to meet our focus of attracting high performing students from India.

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