'Fashion Revolution Month' Conducted At Indian Institute Of Art And Design

Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) in support of ‘Fashion Revolution Week,’ has conducted a month-long celebration. The Fashion department of the institute had conducted several online events to engage and educate the young designers of our country. This year, Fashion Revolution Week is focusing on the ‘interconnectedness of human rights and the rights of nature.’

The aim of the event is to propagate practical knowledge about the history of the Fashion Revolution, its present stance on industry practices and find ways to improve worker conditions, waste management and to build a sustainable consciousness in the future designers of our country. The event gave young and aspiring designers an opportunity to showcase design-based solutions for real-world challenges faced by the fashion industry and to bring about awareness around humanitarian and ethical issues in fast fashion. 

The students and faculty at IIAD hosted events and workshops to create awareness around the fashion supply chain by means of the community’s creative expression. Some of these events included Embroidery & Crochet Workshops, Hackathons, Movie Screening, Poster Making Competition, Clothes Swap, Interactive Displays etc. 

“Building a moral cognizance around sustainability, human rights and workforce ethics in young designers is one of the pillars of design learning,” - Prof. Usha Nehru Patel, Dean of Academics at IIAD.

The ‘Fashion Revolution Week’ is a global movement by ‘The Fashion Revolution Foundation’ centred around the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, in 2013 in Bangladesh. It was one of the deadliest structural failures in modern-day, caused by the negligence of the garment factory owners despite multiple warnings. The disaster is known to have killed over 1138 workers giving rise to thousands of protests around the world calling on brands to answer the question ‘who made my clothes. The Fashion Revolution Week has become the voice of human rights and ecological rights for the global fashion industry, keeping it in check for the past eight years. 

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