Kin & Kith Launches ‘The Family Business Education Program’

The program includes Personal Leadership, Business Leadership & Family Leadership courses

Duo Entrepreneurs, Vinayak Dhingra and Nehal Sharma decided to disrupt the entire ecosystem, with a bootstrapped Ed-tech start-up to give real-life, practical and impactful solutions to the next generations of family businesses.

Kin & Kith has joined hands with top global mentors and educators such as Vipul Malhotra (Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator), UAE-based Bob Kohli (Family Business Advisors, ACFBA ACFWA), and Dr Mita Dixit (Family Business Advisor (FFI-USA), Co-author of ('The 5Gs of Family Business') and USA-based Richa Singh (Family Business Advisor, Family Governance & Conflict Resolution) and many more

These mentors would be taking interactive sessions and courses on Personal Leadership, Business Leadership and Family Business Leadership, thus making it a holistic approach for current generations of family businesses.

  • The Personal Leadership Course focuses on the developmentoftheNext Generation as an individual and as a leader. The course helps the students master personal attributes that influence how well they can work or interact with others. These skills make it easier to form relationships with people, create trust and dependability, and lead teams,allthethingsthatarenecessaryfortheNextGenofafamilybusiness.
  • The Business leadership Course is designed to acquaint NextGen with the different functions of their business while inculcating in them the skills they can use to transform their business. One of such modules is Governance and Strategy in Family Business. This programme educates next-gen members about how to bring stability and sustainability to the family business and the family wealth.
  • The Family Leadership Course focuses on developing strong ties within and outside the family business to ensure the longevity of each family business. The course tackles the problems that occur as families grow and alignment of family vision, beliefs and business roles becomes conflicting.

All these courses are for next-generation members of business families, aged 16 to 36, who intend to or already have joined their family business. The students receive access to an array of new and innovative virtual training, coaching and networking opportunities. The courses will help the participants appreciate and relate to the opportunities and challenges of working in their family businesses identify forces that impact the family's harmony and business growth and gain the trust and confidence of seniors by contributing to the business meaningfully.

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