"We Believe That We Can Change The Education System By Bringing Uniformity": Tutored And Trained

In an Interview with BW Education, Joyanto Mukherjee, Founder CEO- Tutored and Trained talks about how necessary is the need to bring about uniformity in the education system and other classroom related programs under the academic auditing firm, a one of a kind in the country currently.

What is the current crisis in India's educational network?

India's current educational network is facing its biggest crisis since independence, with sky-rocketing levels of Teacher Attrition, a drastic lack in teacher quality and severe lack of safety for students. Having said that, there is no uniformity in the curriculum and the so-called 'Tag' system in the education system still prevails.

How do you think Teacher Behavior Analysis would help the children in the classroom?

Teacher Behavior Analysis (T.B.A): A comprehensive audit of every teacher in the institute to highlight key challenges that are being faced by the institution, alongside psychometric evaluation of their satisfaction levels across several different aspects. It enables the institution to identify and resolve issues that otherwise remain un-heard as well as give comprehensive feedback on their teacher portfolio. It also answers questions like: Are they satisfied? Are they motivated?  This will enable them, as well as the institution to know the pro's and con’s of every teacher. Once these things are sorted, the teachers will be at their best and understand the students better. This will enable enhancement of student-teacher relationships. It will also ensure better results for the children as they are the future of the country.

Please mention some of the other services which Tutored and Trained is undertaking in this Sector?

Apart from Teacher Behavior Analysis, we also have the following services in the education sector:

Education Institute Safety Audit: Wherein we ensure child safety measures through our four phase program to sensitize and inform teachers about the complex issues regarding child abuse, we work towards creating a healthy and stable environment for the child to grow up in, as school is indeed a second home for most children in our country. We also help them take appropriate action in case of unforeseen events threatening child safety, involving NGO’s and the right authorities to connect with the institutions. The aim is to ensure Physical, Mental & Emotional safety for students.

Policy Review: Behaviorally sound policies which consider human emotions into drafting of policies, as well as using the latest management science tools to ensure that all the policies that are in line with the most up-to-date national level management tools. This enables the policies to be more teacher friendly, while still extracting more performance from the teacher. Enabling better staff relations, transparency between staff and management and ensuring more sustainable policy making is the aim here.

Integrated Classroom Evaluation (ICE): A new generation of evaluating classroom performance, ICE is a program where we evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your teacher’s teaching methods. It is a three day on -campus audit process. It’s quite well known in India that a lack of creative thinking on the teacher’s side, results in students being unable to pay attention and learn. Simply having the required subject knowledge isn’t enough. Understanding what teaching methodologies a teacher is applying in a classroom, and how she can improve them, optimize them, and how to connect with students using the right behavior management tools can drastically change the impact and performance of a teacher in a classroom.

We have also undertaken an initiative called ‘Padhao', which is a CSR activity which enables under-privileged children across India to gain access to education or extra -curricular activities in fields of their interest.

Why do you think that a child's emotional and mental safety is important as well and why should we all think about going beyond the physical safety of a child?

If a child is harmed emotionally it will have an impact on his self -esteem, which in turn will have a direct impact on his confidence and social skills. If they are constantly pressurized there will be an effect on their mental activity, and they further have a chance of developing serious mental trauma issues, which can have a direct impact on his learning. If a child is not stable mentally or emotionally, it can have a direct impact on his academics as his brain will not be able to devote enough attention to academics.

Research has proven that it can also lead to a child throwing a lot of tantrums and becoming difficult to control at home, and abused children are almost four times more likely to face abuse as adults as they do not develop the right coping mechanisms.

As Tutored and Trained, what are your plans for the future in the field of education?

We, Tutored and Trained, are India's 1st and only Academic Auditing Firm. TNT is a team of young and dynamic people coming together from all backgrounds with the motive of bringing changes in the Indian Education system. We access all policies of the institution, from H.R all the way to retirement process, to understand where they can be tweaked to give the employees and well as the management the best return possible. We apply the use of Behavioral Economics to influence choice architecture to have more effective H.R practices, increase teacher performance, retirement savings and more. We believe we can change the education system by bringing uniformity in the entire education system across India.

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