‘Yes - Upskilling Impacts Salary Decisions’, State Employees

‘Impact of Upskilling on Performance Management’ is a detailed survey by TeamLease EdTech, a flagship of TeamLease Group. The survey was conducted with 1039 employees across entry, mid and senior levels, from across 11 sectors.

TeamLease EdTech from the house of TeamLease Services, today launched their survey ‘Impact of Upskilling on Performance Management’, a detailed survey analysing how up-skilling has impacted performance management and growth opportunities for employees. Conducted with 1000+ employees from across 11 sectors, as per the report, about 53 per cent of the employees felt that taking up upskilling has influenced their salary hike. Not only this, a significant percentage of employees felt that they were able to shift to better job roles because of up-skilling. Around 84 per cent of respondents echoed that the upskilling initiatives have helped them get better jobs/positions. Interestingly, 54.3 per cent of respondents chose their upskilling courses basis industry trends, reducing the dependency on employer, friends or self-research clearly indicating a shift towards acceptance to continuously up-skill to be future proof.

Deep diving into the growth opportunities that upskilling can create for employees, more than 73 per cent of the respondents believe that upskilling lead to better roles. Of the 48 per cent of respondents who shifted to a new job role, 83.6 per cent attribute the movement to a better opportunity to their upskilling efforts. Additionally from amongst the 48 per cent who switched jobs, 77.5 per cent also received a salary hike between 25 per cent and 35 per cent. 

While overall the learning ecosystem has improved, the study also directed that there are still some gaps.  Of the 25 per cent of people who did not up-skill, 49 per cent, either did not want to invest money or did not think it is necessary, however, 65.7 per cent did eventually believe that they missed the opportunity to up-skill and grow in their career. 73 per cent of these respondents are planning to focus on learning new skills and the rest focused on domain skills (14 per cent), soft skills (8 per cent) and technical skills (4.2).

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