12th Boards Cancelled: What Do Educators Think?

Educators show their support to the decision to cancel the 12th Board Exams.

ndia has over 75 lakh candidates appearing for different competitive exams every year.

On Tuesday, 1st June, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, after meeting with union ministers, cabinet secretary and other stakeholders, announced that the class 12 Board Exams are cancelled. Stating the coronavirus pandemic as the reason for this decision and the need for anxiety among students and parents to come to an end.

“Students should not be forced to appear for exams in such a stressful situation,” stated PM in a press release. CICSE quickly followed in the steps of CBSE, much like it did last year after the cancellation of the 10th and 12th Board exams.

It appears that internal assessment is the solution. The last three years of a student’s performance in school will decide their final score in the class. The board did however assert that “any student who is not satisfied with the assessment, an option to appear in the examinations would be provided by CBSE as and when the situation becomes conductive.”

Educators from around India from universities to Edtech platforms showed their support of PM’s decision:

Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost of HSNC University, commented, “Keeping in mind the surging risk of infection via the detrimental coronavirus, I understand Prime Minister’s decision to cancel Class 12 board exams. The announcement repressed the uncertainty that would have otherwise affected the youth and met the trending #cancelboardexams2021 demand of students and industry bodies while ascertaining that the academic calendar will not be affected further. The results will be compiled per well-defined criteria by CBSE and terminate the anxiety of stakeholders. I'm happy that this decision is made in favour of India's future, ensuring their health is not at stake."

Vinay Sharma, Head of Digital & services, S. Chand Publishing, said, “We agree with the decision of the government as the health and safety of the students is a top priority and there can be no compromise on that. We believe that govt will come up with a fair system of parameters to assess the students so that their future career path is not affected.”

Charu Wahi, Principal, Nirmal Bhartia School, added, “A decision taken in the best interest of the children. However, the next step is equally critical and crucial in terms of deciding the process and criteria based on which the children's performance will be gauged. This should be done keeping in mind that many of them make that extra effort during the last mile and hence, should be given due advantage.”

Divya Lal, Founder and Managing Director, Fliplearn “We are pleased with Government’s decision that has kept student safety above all other concerns. We are hopeful that the chosen criteria for assessing students will be fair and in keeping with student’s efforts throughout the year. Advances in pedagogy and technology practices in education have already shown that online assessment, made easy with digital technologies, is a powerful tool to evaluate students. The long anxious wait of students has come to an end with this decision of the government.”

Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, and other state boards in April announced the postponement of board examinations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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