200 Universities Launched 600 Free Online Courses In Last 3 Months

Providing a solution to the rising education cost, many universities across the world are offering the courses online for free or at a marginal cost

Distance and online learning are gaining popularity because of the high cost of pursuing higher education. Providing a solution to that, many universities across the world are offering the courses online for free or at a marginal cost.

The online courses offered are collectively called MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses. Considering the last six years; approximately 800 universities have created more than 8,000 of MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.

Only in the last three months only, more than 200 universities have opened up around 600 online courses for free. The courses have been majorly categorises into the subjects as followed: Computer Science, Mathematics, Programming, Data Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Business, Personal Development, Engineering, Art & Design, and finally Science.

Online courses are easy, convenient and self-paced to go through.

Some courses offered in Computer Science are Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Hacking and Patching, Algorithms- Design and analysis, Machine Leaning and Language Processing.

Programming includes Advanced MATLAB, Javascript, Python, Design patterns and Software architecture. Humanities include Religion, Conflict and Peace, Faith and Finance and Business Start-up.

Mathematics includes Calculus, Differential Equations, Number Theory and Delivery Problem. Science free courses are The Climate- Energy Challenge, Stimulation, Life on Earth and Earth’s Environment.

 Also, Health and Medicine category has free online courses in The Oral Cavity, Epidemiology in Public Health Practice, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement.

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