5 Emerging Career Options To Choose From

For those trying to make a mark in this age of unprecedented evolution, there are five fruitful career options for the next-gen professionals.

By the time you finish reaching this article, 19 million Google searches would be hit, 150 million emails sent and Apple would have generated $4,33,200 in revenue. Sounds astonishing right? What is amazing is the lightning speed at what technology and markets are shaping and shaking-up the world today, disrupting existing business models and giving birth to novel industries. For those trying to make a mark in this age of unprecedented evolution, there are five fruitful career options for the next-gen professionals.

Data Scientist 

We can relate to a time when we felt surprised to see those same products displayed on various websites that we just checked a day before. It was as if the web was stalking us. Well, those were the days when the concept of data science was still unheard of among most people.  At present, the demand for data scientists has taken a steep growth trajectory. It is used to collect, shape, store, manage, and analyze data as an important resource for organizations to allow for data-driven decision making. Why do you think the need for data-driven decision making has taken so much prominence over the last decade? 

Data science has critical applications in almost all industries to drive strategic business decisions. From targetting the right consumers by monitoring shopping behaviour on eCommerce sites, influencing individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles through wearable devices or mobile apps, predicting funding needs by NGOs to utilizing optimal resources and raw materials for efficient food growth and delivery. As more such industries are coming into the fold to adopt the benefits of data science, the need for experts in the field will skyrocket. 

At Foxmula, our Data Science program helps final-year students, and even working professionals enter or transition into the field of data science through an intensive boot camp, stringent evaluation, and training in interview processes. 

Data Analyst 

Another prolific profession that works in tandem with data science is data analysis. Data scientists are into predictive analytics who chart out future probabilities that can enhance business operations. Data analysts, on the contrary, are equally integral to any business. They are not just involved in organizing and reporting existing data based on pre-set parameters but are also responsible for undertaking data visualization processes and communicating the data-driven insights to business stakeholders in an efficient and comprehensible manner. 

Robotic Process Automation 

The use of robotic process automation or RPA is picking up fast in India and changing the future of work. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2030, automation will drive between 75 and 375 million people to re-skill themselves and switch occupations. So, what will these new occupations be, and how can you prepare for them? That is the question. Contactless deliveries, driverless cars, AI-driven chatbots as customer service agents, and drones for investigation are all promising new forms of automation technology. A career in RPA not just involves conducting repetitive tasks and enhancing business efficiency but also undertaking several complex tasks using historical data. When we read about the workforce revolution, the role of RPA stands paramount that will effectively improve compliance, result in fewer errors, and increase customer delight substantially. 

Financial consultants 

Even the world of finance has progressed in leaps in bounds to provide potential candidates with a wealth of opportunities. The presence of global conglomerates has paved the ground for a rich and diverse range of career options for finance professionals in investment banking, corporate finance, credit analysis, risk management, and equity research. Those who are qualified Chartered Accountants (CAs), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFAs), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Financial Risk Managers (FRMs) can now fetch from a larger employment pool as opposed to just working in accounting, banking, taxation in the bygone days. 

Healthcare experts 

The evolution and advancements in medical technology have ramped up the need for a wide range of healthcare professionals, ranging from technicians to scientists. So, all those who associate the healthcare profession only with a degree of medicine need to reconsider the range of opportunities in this industry segment. As hospitals become more future-forward and adopt digital technologies to improve services and patient experience, the healthcare industry stands witness to an upsurge in demand for IT executives. Alongside, a new breed of healthcare providers such as nutritionists, rehabilitation experts, therapists, genetic counsellors and homecare providers has come to the forefront to address the needs of holistic care, integrated medicine and improve the quality of life of patients. 

The rate of change of consumer needs necessitates staying one step ahead of market demand. The market has much to offer not for the fittest alone, but for the most dexterous and visionary beings. It is time that professionals choose career paths that are entwined into a symbiotic relationship with the customers through the power of big data, predictive analytics, financial modelling and simply,  the ability to provide higher value for better customer experience.  

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house

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