5 Important Skills That Every Graduate Must Have In The Post COVID-19 Job World 

The world has realized the importance of technical skills, ability to understand digital tools, creativity, resilience and collaboration.

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Everyone is wondering what a post coronavirus world will look like. Covid 19 has dramatically transformed the way we work, learn and communicate. It will likely leave a lasting impact on us. It will also change our workplace environment and with it, the skills companies will search for in potential candidates. Graduates may find themselves having to compete in a fast-changing digital world of work that they are still unfamiliar with.  

The world has realized the importance of technical skills, ability to understand digital tools, creativity, resilience and collaboration. Self-motivated employees have thrived during the pandemic as they independently work from home. Strong communicators have had an edge as they are able to maintain their team, manager and client relationships despite the challenge of no in-person contact. Going forward, many companies will continue to work from home in part or full. They will leverage technology where it saves them costs and improves efficiency. Hence they will appreciate these skills in every person they hire. Here are 5 key skills that are likely to be in demand in a post-COVID-19 world. 

1. Technical Know-how  

The pandemic has made us companies realize the significance of technology. With work from home and a standstill on operations for many businesses, digital transformation has skyrocketed in companies. Applicants that have skills in areas such as coding, app development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things, and robotics are equipped to support organizations to fast-track their digital journey. With the online consumption of content and e-commerce being the primary channels instead of secondary now, businesses have no choice to move online. Even if and when the pandemic ends, the online verticals of companies and consumer behaviour will be somewhat established. Spending online will grow considerably and people with technical skills will be able to unlock the value effectively for companies.  

2. Leadership skills  

The ability to project credibility, clarity, and self-confidence amid stressful and uncertain circumstances is extremely important in the new world of work. Many companies will continue functioning online due to efficiency, convenience and cost. In such an environment, self-motivated individuals who have leadership skills become invaluable. Moreover, the gig economy is expected to grow post coronavirus where freelancers and consultants will work for several organizations at once. In such an environment managers will need to effectively bring together different people and projects, driving results. Post covid-19 there will be a lot of rebuilding to be done, and when times are tough, strong inspiring leaders who are effective are in demand. 

3. Emotional intelligence and communication 

Companies will seek people who can put their head to the ground and work with stronghold on their emotions, without being bogged down by stress and uncertainty. When most people are communicating via e-mail, call or video, the need to be an effective communicator increases. Employers will look for individuals who can effectively communicate and empathize with their colleagues, clients and managers in a new digital workspace. The ability to understand different stakeholders and communicate accordingly becomes much harder when there is no in-person interaction. In addition, targets will be high and growth will be required in most sectors after a few years of tough times. This is where those who are more sensitive and effective communicators will thrive.  

4. Creativity and resilience 

Once companies have experienced the pandemic, they have realized how unpredictable the world and business environments can be. They will value individuals who are creative and can adapt to different situations. Resilience Is key as a strong, unshakeable team helps any organization to better weather the storm. Human creativity is going to be essential and companies would need employees who would be able to adjust to both these working environments. 

5. Time management and efficiency 

In a work from home scenario, or in remote teams across various locations, leaders cannot micro-manage. Those that are able to self regulate and deliver without constant follow-up have made a mark for them during the covid-19 pandemic. Managers have realized the value of such individuals and will continue to seek them out even if they return to work from office model as it saves them valuable time and effort.  

In conclusion 

The class of 2020, globally, is facing a far tougher job market than they expected due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy. However, there are certain skills in demand across all industries that can help graduates start their careers and position themselves well in interviews as the economy recovers. Instead of stressing out, graduates should focus on  developing themselves in order to build a strong career in unprecedented times. 

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