5 Ways How Happiness Program Helps Students Deal With Mental Pressure

The Happiness Program imbibed across educational institutions helps students find joy and peace even while facing the most demanding situations in their everyday lives.

Did you know that the present generation of the workforce is the most educated but the least paid generation in history? As a generation that is prone to experiencing a plethora of stress, the younger generation, contrary to popular belief is not the happiest. According to a survey by the Nightline Association, around 65% of students feel stressed at any given point of time.  

Students of any university have to worry about exams, assignments, and what they could do next. Trying to manage all these at the same time can be overwhelming for anyone. For a student, every spare minute is filled with thoughts about what they can achieve in the future. Even during vacations, they are bound to think about internships, placements and what they can add to their resume.  

But at the same time, the more the students think and stress about these facets, lesser will be the time they dedicate to things that matter. For individuals who are struggling to remain focused and calm, it becomes increasingly difficult to break this cycle. To help with individuals dealing with the same, students from across the country are utilizing self-empowering, practical tools that can help them discover the calmness of their minds helping them feel alive and present.  

The Happiness Program imbibed across educational institutions helps students find joy and peace even while facing the most demanding situations in their everyday lives. The program also helps students pick up new skills that define an effective routine which can be followed even at home. These skills will help students in improving their resilience and finding their inner joy.  

The curriculum while has its focus on mental exercises and meditation is also designed to mould the students into better humans and professionals who spread happiness. Owing to its myriad benefits, the happiness program has already been incorporated across 1000 government schools in Delhi along with eminent business schools like the Indian Institute of Management and GIBS B-School.  

Here are 5 ways the Happiness Program helps students deal with mental pressure:  

Effectively reduce stress 

Through the program, students can explore the power of their breath through a series of techniques across yogic breathing. This can help relieve stress along with depression and anxiety helping one to have a positive and clear mind.  

Simplifying meditation  

Whilst everyone is aware of the positive impact of meditation, not everyone continues with it. This is because one’s mind wanders leaving one frustrated with the whole process. Through the happiness program, students can learn the powerful and right breathing techniques that help them get into a deep state of meditation.   

Develop resilience 

Through the happiness program, one can understand the true nature of the mind. This can give students a comprehensive perspective of life. With mastery over one’s mind, students can remain calm without being frustrated.  

Relax better 

With guided meditation and yoga, one can look at greater focus, relaxation and holistic health. It also sheds light on the beautiful aspects of oneself. 

Connect better  

The happiness program is not all about dealing with oneself. It is also designed to help students connect better with others to lead a more confident and happier outlook.  

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