5-years-old Billabong High International School Student Creates A Record

5-years-old Billabong High International School student recites shlokas maximum number of times and creates a record in the India Book of Record

Mahika Potnis

5-year-old Senior Kindergarten student Mahika Potnis of Billabong High International School (BHIS), Hadapsar, Pune has registered her name in the India Book of Record (IBR) for reciting Shlokas several times in five minutes. 

Mahika is a student of BHIS from Hadapsar, Pune, who is inspired by her mother who memorises shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita every morning. She has been reciting verses from the text daily for a year.

Mahika’s mother, Sarika enrolled her in classes for the same, subsequently, entering her into the competition. Mahika sent a recording of her performance, which was ultimately selected by the record book.

Shrutika Lawand, Principal, BHIS, Hadapsar, Pune, said, “My heartfelt congratulations to Mahika for reciting 30 shlokas in 5 minutes and entering 'India's Book of record.' This achievement is commendable, well deserved and reflects the values instilled in her at a tender age. It is a matter of great pride for Billabong High International School - Pune to have Mahika a ‘star performer’ as a part of our school.”

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