50 Million More Users Turn To Peer-To-Peer Learning Platform Brainly Within A Little Over A Year

150 million students, parents and teachers across the globe are now using the platform every month, as they look beyond the conventional approach towards education.

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Brainly, an online community for academic problems and exchange of knowledge, has witnessed a tremendous growth by reaching a remarkable user base of 150 million globally. The platform has also become the number one education website in India (10 million monthly users) with a 200% YoY growth. From students to parents, experts and even teachers, Brainly has a diverse user-base that facilitates peer-to-peer learning, strengthening students’ grip on academic subjects as well as holistic learning.

While striving to understand its users and their motivations better, Brainly conducted an online survey in January 2019 across several countries that the platform is active in. While surveying Indian students who use the platform who comprise of 42% secondary and 39% higher secondary grade students, the platform drew key insights. For instance, more than 50% students feel that their schools are not helping them enough to prepare for their careers ahead and the real world out there and that is why they need to reach out for additional resources.  

It has been observed that both classroom lessons and homework play primary roles in enabling easier and better understanding of and grasp over subject matter, in accordance with the Indian education system. This perspective reflects in the survey, where 50% of the respondents felt the need of homework for a better understanding of their subjects. But students are also striving to go beyond seeking solutions for their homework and attain a deeper understanding of the concept or subject. This has led to students around the country realizing the need for additional support, and this is where collaborative digital learning platforms step in. 

Moreover, while the debate around the removal of a one-size-fits-all approach towards education has been going on for several years, the advent of digital media has brought this issue to prime focus. Peer-to-peer learning online platforms have emerged as a solution here as well, by addressing this crucial concern. In fact, more than 40% respondents started using Brainly in a bid to go beyond homework assignments, as they felt that they were not able to learn enough in their classrooms. Moreover, around 12% students claimed that they started using Brainly because their grades were suffering and they needed additional support. All these insights lay emphasis on the immense importance of online collaborative learning platforms, thereby underlining the reason behind Brainly’s robust growth.

Sharing an insight behind Brainly’s success, Michal Borkowski, Co-founder and CEO, Brainly remarked, “In spite of an abundance of information on the internet, most students and their parents struggle with its disoriented nature which leaves them confused regarding the right source to rely on. These issues have led to the phenomenal growth in the user-base of Brainly, as it bridges the gap between instructions and the final understanding. At Brainly, we are extremely happy to serve the role of an additional resource to over 150 million students, teachers and parents across the globe amongst which over 10 million users are from India. We aim to continue growing and keep addressing these pressing concerns efficiently.”

With a user-base of 150 million and growing, Brainly has emerged as a premier tool for facilitation of education through its peer-to-peer learning approach in the digital era.

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