7 Tips And Techniques To Crack RRB JE CBT-2 Exam

Seven tips and techniques to crack the RRB JE CBT-2 exam, read below.


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After the result declaration of RRB CBT-1, the students are left with a very short period of time around twenty days to prepare for CBT 2. Smart preparation and incorporating a few techniques the students can ace the CBT-2 exam as well. Here are seven tips and techniques to crack the RRB JE CBT-2 exam 

Analyse the syllabus:

First things first, it is advised that the students should first analyse the syllabus which is classified and concise. The preparation of RRB JE CBT-2 differs from SSC/GATE OR IES preparation. So, the students should stick to the syllabus and prepare smartly.   

Practice direct questions: 

Students should focus on practicing direct questions rather than giving too much time to theory. Compared to reading theory, it will be beneficial for the students if they do solve direct questions as it may increase their efficiency also. Level of questions are expected to be moderate so high-level questions should not be considered.

Important Books:

For technical SSC JE previous yearbook or any specific book having objective questions can be referred. For non-technical part-specific books are not available but mainly environment and ecology part can be covered with the help of Wikipedia and NCERT, basic information for computer and programs can be covered from class 10thlevel CBSE books.

Prepare a proper time table:

The student should make a proper time table including two-three subjects daily. It’s always advised to study two-three subjects daily in the loop than going for only one subject to maintain the efficiency. And, the direct question should be practiced on a daily basis at least a hundred to two hundred questions.

Don’t ignore the non-technical part: 

The nontechnical part covers 50 marks and it needs to be practiced daily. Students to dedicatedly devote at least an hour daily to practice it, students who ace this section will definitely score well and get at the edge. 

Time Management Strategy: 

The total time allotted to each student is 120 minutes, in which the students can devote 20 minutes to non-technical questions and the other 90 minutes for the technical part. Every student must have 10 minutes in their hand to revise the questions attempted. It is advised that the students attempt the non-technical part prior to technical part as this will consume less time. 

Tackling negative marking: 

To tackle negative marking students should first go through the question paper thoroughly and answer the questions he/she is 100% confident about. After this, they can work on the numericals but numerical based questions should be given second priority after direct theory questions as they consume more time. 

Revision strategy:

 A good revision strategy is also important because without revision whatever the students study will be futile. So at least every third-day student should revise whatever they have studied in the past two days. This cycle of revision must continue until the exam.

Formulas are very important: 

For RRB JE CBT-2, the numerical’s will be mostly based on direct formulas and thus students must remember them. A simple hack to remember all the formulas are that they can write all the formulas on a chart paper and paste them in front of their study table which will help them in daily revisions. This is an important step as in CBT-2 exam virtual calculator is allowed and mostly all the numerical’s will be formula-based and those formulas must be on your tips.

Short Notes and Flash Cards: 

Students should revise from the short notes and flashcards to save time. RRB JE CBT-2 exam is all about smart preparation thus short notes and flashcards are always a better option for smart and fast revision.

Since the gap between CBT-1 and CBT-2 is very short the exam is expected to be easy. So, it is all about the right preparation at the right time and you can score well.

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