A Child Prodigy In Recognising All The Flags And Youngest To Give HSK1 Examination In India

A 6-year-old Shenaya Bothra, from Step by Step school, Noida can not only recognize the countries of the world by just one glance at their flags but also knows the continents of each country as a pro.

The world has 195 countries as of today, so that means 195 vivid and starkly different flags of each country!!!!

At the age of 2.5, when most toddlers dabble with lego, barbie and play dohs, Shenaya was keen to know about the flags that she saw on TV while her family was watching a world conference. Soon, over the months her inquisitive personality shone and she started questioning about the names of different counties that the colorful flags belonged to. 

Her young mind had started taking note of the names of countries and also the continents that they belong to during her interactions with her parents and various books that she read to satiate her quest of learning and knowing more.

Moreover, Shenaya will soon be appearing for the HSK examination which is the level 1 exam in the Mandarin Language. She will be youngest Indian of all times to be sitting for this highly challenging exam.

Shenaya’s talent and most importantly her will and determination to keep learning and growing is an inspiration for all of us.  A young girl, encouraged endlessly by her parents is surely a testament of how raw potential talent can be nurtured by the support of parents who identify, hone and continually work towards ensuring that the child achieves excellence in whatever he or she chooses to learn and do.

Here is wishing all the best to the young champ Shenaya in all her future endeavors.

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