A Generation That Welcomes Varied Careers: A Light Into The Fields Which Have Picked Up The Most In The Last One Year

The Gen Z in India has realised the importance of Mental Health and social media has led to massive awareness and curiosity about the same.

Gone are the days when Indian parents and students used to rely on traditional fields such as Engineering, Medicine, Law and Accountancy as their go-to careers. The past 10 years, with the digital revolution, students moving heavily into various social media platforms and increase in awareness, students have started moving into other alternate careers. 

The Gen Z in India has realised the importance of mental health and social media has led to massive awareness and curiosity about the same. The stigma is slowly decimating, and students, right from backgrounds in Engineering to Business, Arts and Humanities, want to understand how the human psyche functions.

Over the past 5 years, Content Writing has also evolved as a field amongst youngsters. This is primarily because of two reasons - a huge gig economy slowly taking rise in India, where an army of freelancers are effectively making a full time living through the art of writing; and also traditional companies moving into the Digital Space. Any product that moves into the digital space requires content - and this is where Content writing plays an essential part. Interesting to note is that one of the most popular internships amongst students in India to take up is that of writing. And Companies looking for freelancers and interns to work at lower costs for them, helps facilitate such Internships successfully. Social Media Content creation also plays an essential role in this, as most youngsters being on social media by now have understood how these platforms work and are able to crack them. What better for them than to use their talents to create content for Companies, and make a living out of it as well.

Talking about the gig economy, we also need to note that India has the 3rd largest Start-up community in the World. With brilliant success stories coming in from e-commerce, Education, Fintech Logistics and the food industries, Colleges and Universities have also focused a little more on the spirit of Entrepreneurship. In certain Indian states, the government is pushing towards laying foundations for Entrepreneurship at a very early age amongst School students, trying to solve for both critical thinking and empowerment amongst college students, as well as unemployment and job creation. Our third most sought after Program is that of Entrepreneurship - students in India right from school level to post-graduate college level want to learn the art of becoming an Entrepreneur. They also want to understand which Industries they can safely venture into, and what innovation can be brought into solving problems for people. This second wave of entrepreneurs is going to come from young 20-somethings and we are right in the middle of this revolution.

With time, Design has also been picking up in India. In fact, Design fields stand at number 2 in India when it comes to the most viable Freelance opportunities, primarily because of students' unanswered hunger for artistic pursuits, and almost all Companies having a digital footprint. This demand-supply balance plays into the entire economy booming and as we move forward in time, peripheral design fields such as illustrations, doodling and other art forms will also keep booming.

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