A Sculpture That’s Been Over Sculpted, Leaves Behind Nothing.

Let the Kid be, Let it Run, Let it Play, Let it Laugh, Let it Fall. After all, how else will it learn?

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A rigid schedule might help you bring your children up, but is it letting them grow? When you get yourself to ask this you may realize that the progress of your child has also stayed constant or stagnant, after a point.

A child be it Boy or Girl is bound to do so much in a day that is already scheduled for it by the parents, the kid just does so willingly or not, for instance during a summer break we appoint children into Summer Camps or Schools where they might learn Extra or Co-Curriculum activities like painting, calligraphy, sketching etc. Have you for once considered what the child might do if not given any work or during free time? If what one does during his/her free defines them during their adulthood why is it forced during their childhood?

Let us now use the simple logic behind letting one be with certain guidance for which I’ll take you through a story. On a rainy day I had stopped by a bakery for Tea, as I watched the surrounding around me I realized I was right next to a school and that it was a time the time of dismissal. A sight of a kid playing in the rain caught my eye, the kid dances with his arms wide open looking up the droplets. While on the other hand his mother stood beside him with an umbrella and made sure he did not take off his raincoat. The whole scenario had changed into an irony. Let’s say the kid did fall sick after playing in the rain without a raincoat, but does that also mean the kid wouldn’t heal? We are simply letting our immune system die by tagging all things simple into complex even a mere cold.

I hear stories of how when my parents were young the whole society got together and played games, climbed trees, invented bizarre games and made bizarre things out of simple resources during their summer vacations. They always kept themselves busy even if it was helping mom in the kitchen. If you were to leave your child all by itself the child may find an interest of its own and will surely bring it up, boredom sometimes is good because it’s still time spent with oneself. A mind of a 3-18-year-old is Self Developing if the time to find their inner self is taken away the whole process of growth is indirectly sabotaged. 

Making it even more simpler, unless a child  is put under a situation it’ll never learn to cope with it, by planning even the situation a sense of security is built in the children’s head, if in case the child is unable to cope it probably wouldn’t even try to its maximum potential since a helping hand is always hanging from the above. This being said it doesn’t mean be there for the child, be there for it only when necessary. Parenting is as simple as making a best friend who’s going to last for the rest of our lives, by adding all the constraints(with a few societal ones)  we are just making it difficult on us as well as them. Communication is very important in today's world, so is communication with ones child stay in touch with its everyday activities by hearing them speak about it. Another thing to keep in mind would be if you have or haven’t built a comfort zone for the child to be discussing it’s daily being with you. A child wouldn’t lie if the consequences are easier than the lies. 


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