Acquiring Right Training Skills To Implement Them In Real-life Situations

One needs to constantly look at evolving by learning new tech and implementing it on a regular basis.

When it is discussed about the right training skills, people assume that one needs to start taking courses or get into training programmes to build up your technical skills. This approach is not the best one to take. Technology is evolving daily. There is no getting around it. One needs to constantly look at evolving by learning new tech and implementing it on a regular basis. Let’s look at skills beyond tech that one needs to acquire to succeed in the corporate world. In business, the only thing that matter is to get the job done. Qualifications and degrees aside, the task at hand needs to be completed and that is all that matters.  

An incident from 2001 comes to mind. There was this colleague at work who caught the eye of a person who was seven levels over me. He was asked to submit a report. He slaved on it for over a day and took it to him. He was damn proud of the work he had done. The superior opened the first page and threw it back to him. ‘There’s a typo’. He reworked it. He threw it back again. There was another error, not grammatical. The colleague had to rework it 16 times before it passed muster. Over 48 hours on one report but it was perfect at the end of it. Sixteen reworks for a report was unheard of. He was getting pushed into a corner and he could have just put his hands up and said, ‘This is way above my paygrade.’ He didn’t. He kept pushing.  

This means that one has to develop a thick skin. When you are just out of college, you are not used to rejection. Your parents, your teachers and everyone you know have been nice to you. Your life has been good so far. When you start work, there will be office politics, there will be finger-pointing and you will be thrown under the bus. You need to learn to grapple with these challenges. And you need to learn how to work with people you don’t agree with. This means swallowing your pride for the greater good of the company. For context, you have to look at the Australian cricket team from 1999-2007. It was full of strong characters who didn’t always see eye-to-eye. But when they stepped out on the field, they were unstoppable.  

You have to learn to make a pitch. It doesn’t matter what team you work in. If you work in HR and are recruiting, you have to pitch your company and the position to good candidates. You might work for a big name company but we all are aware that good talent is scarce. If you come across a good candidate, you have to make the right pitch to them to join your company. You have to figure out what drives them and explain to them how your company can help them achieve their goals.  

Learn to train yourself by asking, 'How Can I be Better Tomorrow?' This simple question ensures that you keep learning. If you are a techie, ask ‘How can I reduce my consumer’s experience from three clicks to two?’ If your job depends on networking, ask ‘Are there any conferences I can attend?’ If you are stuck at a dead-end desk job and you want to get out, ask ‘What are the skills I need to move up in my career?’ Remember, companies are very happy with some people who don’t want to grow. These are people who will do their job until a new tech comes along. Then the company will simply replace you.

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