Adda247 Announces Unlimited Leaves To Bolster Employee Friendly Culture

The policies are focused around employee happiness, work-life integration and flexibility

Adda247, a vernacular test-prep platform has announced a major update in their employees’ leave policy. With a mindset to keep education and its people first, Adda247 has announced ‘Unlimited Sick Leaves’ and introduced ‘Recharge leaves’ which employees can utilize after meeting rigorous deadlines or just to take a break from work. With the announcement, Adda247 aims to create a positive work environment  that promotes  employee-welfare amongst their workforce.

Adda247 is a firm believer in the fact that employees’ welfare goes hand in hand with organizational growth. Along with the Recharge leaves, the company has also increased their ‘All Purpose Leave‘ and have announced ‘Unlimited Sick Leaves’ Policy for employees recovering from long illness, accidents and injuries.



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