Alliance University And Wipro Infrastructure Engineering’s Wipro 3D Sign MoU

The MoU was signed for Design of Competency development programs and Industry Aligned IOT Centers

Alliance University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Anubha Singh (third from right), and Wipro 3D Vice President & Business Head Mr. Ajay Parikh (second from left) post the signing of the MoU with Dr. Chandrasekhar (first from

Alliance University announced the signing of the MoU with Wipro 3D, in an effort to collaborate on the design and development of industry-aligned IOT centres, IDEA labs, online skilling, and proficiency development programs in Digital Manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. According to the MoU, Alliance University and Wipro 3D would also offer competency building and advisory programs relating to Additive Manufacturing (AM). 

Additive Manufacturing (or 3D Printing) is ushering the world into an Industrial Revolution 4.0, offering the immense potential to revolutionize India's manufacturing and industrial production landscape through digital processes, and efficiency. Well-trained engineers and technicians are critical to maximizing this technology. In addition, it demands new skills and capabilities, both technical and managerial. Yet many of these innovations have outpaced the ability of the broader manufacturing workforce to adapt. As a result, there is a shortage of skilled workers —a shortage that impacts production, quality, innovation, and growth. 

The MoU is inked by Alliance University’s Vice-Chancellor, Anubha Singh, and Wipro 3D's Vice-President & Business Head, Ajay Parikh with the aim to bridge the industry-academia gap. The collaboration intends to develop qualified human resources and research personnel with industry-aligned competencies in areas of digital manufacturing. 

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