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With over a decade in the Indian education domain, one of our biggest strengths is our innate and nuanced understanding of the Indian learner

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Next Education has always been at the forefront of technology. With a hefty investment and a large R&D team, Next Education developed many products, which have won both awards and accolades, over the last 10 years. Our primary objective is to leverage technology to make education cost-effective and accessible to all.

From our path-breaking first product LearnNext, a self-learning solution, to our latest offering NextLearningPlatform (NLP), a cloud-based intelligent platform catering to both academic and administrative needs of the K-12 ecosystem, we have driven innovation to its edge by integrating technology with quality content. When we launched LearnNext, there was no other similar product in the market.  It is an amalgamation of hands-on activities, 400 hours of video lessons, study plans, tips and tricks and a lot more. 

I think we launched it at the right time as it acted as an aid to raise awareness about digital education in the K-12 segment, thereby helping the brand grow tremendously. 

To fulfill the academic and administrative needs, Next Education developed NLP, a seamlessly integrated platform that bridges the gap between a comprehensive school management system,  and a learning management system. It facilitates an end-to-end management of teaching and learning processes. NLP is helping us take education to the next level. 

Innovation and ingenuity have always been an important part of Next Education. We try to infuse ingenuity even in the small products we create. For example, the remote control for TeachNext was thoughtfully designed to perform 90% operations with merely 5 keystrokes. We believe in being disruptive, and our products and solutions stand as testimony to that.

Our content comprises world-class audio-visuals, 2D & 3D animations, simulations, besides other features. We are constantly updating and upgrading our content to reinforce the entire teaching-learning spectrum. 

We have introduced path-breaking innovations in the K-12 sector. For instance, we hold pride in our learning modules of 8–10 minutes each, which can be seamlessly incorporated into the average class duration of 45 minutes. This allows assimilation of other requisite functions of the classroom, such as discussions, teacher’s instructions, activities and assessments in just one period.

We understand the challenges involved in amalgamating content with hardware. So, we seamlessly integrated our academic content with our hardware. Thus, while most of the companies in the market use the server mode to deploy their content,  our material is easily accessible on local machines even when the main server is down, thereby ensuring quick deployment and maximum usage of our solutions. 

With over a decade in the Indian education domain, one of our biggest strengths is our innate and nuanced understanding of the Indian learner. We integrate various elements into our content right from the conceptualization stage, keeping in mind the Indian students who have learned English as a second language. The narration of our digital content is paced appropriately and delivered with a neutral accent for it to be both relatable and identifiable.

One of the cornerstones of our success has been our commitment to provide world-class hardware support to our clients. Our technical support team consists of more than  800 engineers, who are strategically placed all over India. Their expertise lies in resolving tech-related issues in the shortest turnaround time. It has taken us both time and dedication to achieve this feat of providing best services in the industry.  

Schools have come a long way since the last 10 years when we started out. With the advent of technology, educational institutions are now far more receptive to new products and solutions. Although it was an uphill battle initially, thankfully, the situation has changed now. We have received a lot of constructive feedback over the years that has helped us introduce new features, updates, and upgradations to our products. 

With this vision of transforming education, we set about trying to integrate technology into education and bolster the system.  It gives me immense pride to inform that our technology and innovation have managed to successfully transform the lives of more than twelve million students in over twelve thousand schools across India. 

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