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Honoured to be wearing the hat of the CEO & Founder of Serosoft, Arpit Badjatya speaks about their flagship product, Academia ERP by Serosoft

Academia ERP by Serosoft is a unified, configurable, leading-edge, award-winning ERP/Student Information System that ensures digital transformation in education. Academia today is benefiting 700,000 learners and academics in 300 institutions across 21 countries and 4 continents.

Owing to the massive shifts in the education landscape over the years which have been accelerated by Covid-19, there is a requirement for greater technological advancement and adoption. However, the thing to remember is that these changes/advancements have to be brought about with a humane touch to make them lasting. The need of the hour, for Arpit Badjatya, thus, is technical advancement backed by the human touch to ensure sustainable adoption and impact.

The challenges 

One of the biggest challenges initially for Badjatya was to keep the focus on a single product. “We got multiple opportunities to make short-term revenues which could have diluted our product focus. We did take up some of these projects in the first two years but very soon learned that if we must build Serosoft to scale, we will have to let go of short-term gains for long-term scale.” Ever since it has been a singular focus on Academia which has paid off for the company. Another challenge was regarding the right talent acquisition, as they are based in Indore, which does not have a product ecosystem. To tackle this, the brand constantly invested in building a recruiter brand and a brilliant culture.


At Serosoft, Badjatya builds on the idea and belief that ‘Technology is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world of education’. 

In a competitive environment such as education, Badjatya explains that customers are choosing them over competitors owing to a winning combination of the following: Deep and wide functional coverage; high configurability of the product; deep analytics and reporting: great decision aid for customers; better UX/UI; quality service for high return on investment and adoption; cost of ownership and a great track record.

Badjatya states that at Serosoft, “We are chasing a dream of being the world’s number one SIS - Student Information System. We believe we have built a truly world-class, leading-edge software product, which is taking on the global majors, some of them being billion-dollar enterprises, and disrupting the space.” Having built a high-performance team, Serosoft has become a transformative force, all while being based out of a tier II city and without any external funding.” 

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