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Jetking Infotrain, with Harsh Bharwani as CEO & MD, aims at providing increased employment opportunities to the youth in India with appropriate compensation

Technology has disrupted most of the industries during pandemic and education is one of them. Digital learning has helped students to sit in the comforts of their home and even pursue an MBA. Over the last 30 years, Jetking’s core focus has been IT training and skills development. Till date, it has trained more 750,000 students and professionals. Jetking offers training in advanced technologies of IT networking, cloud computing, cyber security, IoT, blockchain and digital marketing in addition to offering formal education programme in IMS, cloud computing & cyber security and digital marketing, amongst others. Jetking trains more than 15,000 students yearly through its 80+ centres, both in India and overseas.

“The youths of our nation are facing competition in every field giving every other entrance exams to excel and get a good job. However, the end motive of everyone is to get a financial freedom which is our long-term vision” states Harsh Bharwani.

Recovering from Covid

Post-Covid lockdown in the education sector is rife with numerous difficulties. The main issue is the disparity between offline and online classrooms in terms of effectiveness, pace, quality, and overall learning experience. Everyone today needs to be aware of the technology’s ability to communicate effectively and on a broad scale. Bharwani comments, “We think that we can help to break down social and geographic barriers to learning and provide education to people who need it. Technology workshops are the best strategy to ensure that prospects are applying because these courses will increase their employability.” Adding that it’s a terrific way to provide young people more career opportunities.

Jetking has recently launched a course in Non-fungible Token (NFT) with an education use for purchasing premium courses. This is the first NFT launched by an Indian education institute. Students can pay fees to the institution for pursuing NFT courses either directly or through their wallets. If they use crypto wallets then they can transfer the said amount to the institution’s account using cryptos.

Jetking has also associated with National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) to conduct free workshops for digital skills training, the sole purpose of which is to equip the next generation with the necessary tech skills to succeed in the industry. These workshops that are open for all, cover topics like cyber security, blockchain, cryptocurrency and cloud computing.

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