CBSE Circular Creating Anxiety For Boards Among Students

The circulars issued by CBSE, despite being thick and heavy, are vague in language. They outline the rules of filing much better than conduct.

A recent circular of CBSE, dated 16th September 2021, is 22 pages long about the rules concerning the submission of candidates for the Xth and XIIth board exams. The schools have been affected by a frenzy of pressuring students to ensure that the criteria are met, with a host of rules about attendance and marks. 

Some schools want to average off the marks from all the exams henceforth conducted online, while others want to take one last online exam.

On the other end, classes IX and XI are divided into two semesters, with an apparently relaxed exam scheme. But in execution, there is chaos. Most people are angry about the loosening of chains, but for the students, it is a nightmare, with not even the teachers completely aware of what these rules mean.

CBSE had seen a similar issue with the CCE pattern of examination, which admittedly happened in easier circumstances. The circulars issued by CBSE, despite being thick and heavy, are vague in language. They outline the rules of filing much better than conduct.

That leads to confusion among the teachers, students, and inevitably, the parents. Futures hang in the balance.

Education, by nature, deals with the future.

So now the people are once again made uneasy by the digital incursion. Concerned about the merits of education earned this way.

But the students and teachers get caught in this crossfire of confusion. The fears extend to them too. The students themselves are not unbothered about their futures, and neither are most teachers. They are in this profession out of love and do not intend to harm the future of students. But their jobs being on the line, they are also made to consider their presence.

Will I lose my job if I mess up the filing of some exam results?

So multiple exams are taken, and attendance is feverishly marked, and the student, in the guise of having 'no real school', is exhausted before the day begins. 

If the CBSE spokespeople are to be believed, and their ideas about education being more relaxed are honest, then they are failing. Absolutely no one is relaxed in this situation. The teachers and students are in a constant cycle of anxiety, parents are worried, and administrations, in general, are just confused.

The circulars issued by CBSE are, despite being long and dense, prone to multiple interpretations. The bureaucratic language shows but doesn't illuminate, and people are still in the dark about the course of action.

Although this isn't necessarily a problem unique to CBSE, the institute and its leadership have to work better in communication, perhaps even shifting to a human mode, and employing experienced teachers from schools as observers in their own spaces. Or through exchange between schools. 

To fill this gap in education a number of new coaching centres are flourishing which extract copious money from their students, without any form of quality education. 

In a country, as motivated by commercial education as India, any authority in the legality of the subject needs to employ a wider array of people in dispensing and collecting knowledge. The CBSE needs to hold itself accountable in that respect.

The silver linings are that independent teachers who continue to work for the betterment of students and their comprehension of the world. Recently, institutions like Endurance India has begun capitalizing on this, providing freedom to the teachers to decide their own approach to education, bypassing the surveillance of the authority. But as a country, we still have a long way to go.

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