COVID-19 Has Created New Challenges For Us And For The World: Anju Seth, Director, IIM Calcutta

The professor was speaking at the recently held BW Education Future of Management Education Conclave.

In the recently held Future of Management Education Conclave organized by BW Education, Prof Anju Seth, Director, IIM Calcutta shared how the pandemic has drastically changed the industry scenario of the country

The COVID-19 has severely affected the educator sector of the country. Prof Anju Seth, Director, IIM Calcutta said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for us and for the world. We are trying to position ourselves in this new normal.” The professor was speaking at the recently held BW Education Future of Management Education Conclave, an event exclusively designed for heads of business schools to discuss on critical topics pertaining to the future of business leaders in the country. 

To what degree has the industry been impacted by the pandemic? Experts are still mapping the full scale of pandemic’s impact. “The industries are under threat and there is a need for managers to re-skill themselves. Customers are likely to be trading down with the products. Brands are repositioning themselves to add additional value to its customers. Distribution channels are shifting in significant ways. Communities are functioning at long distance while struggling with what’s happening with their daily lives and this is true for our students as well,” Seth said. 

On the role of IIM Calcutta, Seth stated, “We at IIM Calcutta see ourselves as a national asset with a really important responsibility to contribute to the progress of the state, of the nation and the world and all are activities concerning the learning of our students, the recent capabilities of our faculties members, the doctoral education that we impart, the activities that we engage in, we expect to orient them through this large notion of being a national asset and contributing to the state, the nation and the world.”

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