COVID-19: Imarticus Learning Launches Free Complementary Courses For Professionals

These online courses will allow professionals to upgrade themselves with relevant industry knowledge to fast-track their proficiency in the field.

With some of India’s largest corporations, a swathe of start-ups and multinationals asking employees to work from home, considering the number of COVID-19 cases have risen to well over 100 in the past few days across the country, there is a rise in the number of people who want to make optimal use of their time at home. Observing this trend, the leading education platform, Imarticus Learning is ready to launch a series of certification courses across technology, data analytics and finance. These online courses are free of cost and allow professionals to upgrade themselves with relevant industry knowledge to fast-track their proficiency in the field.

Imarticus has experienced a good initial response from learners across the globe and is prepared to train over 1000 aspirants through their free training programs. It is one such platform that has comprehensive training capsules in an array of courses like finance, data analytics and data science. With the first batch going live from 30th March 2020. 

Through these courses, Imarticus Learning has designed strategic solutions keeping in mind the need of corporates along with that of aspirants, hence bridging the industry-academia gap. 

Nikhil Barshikar, Co-founder, Imarticus Learning adds “Upskilling is not an option, it is a necessity and what better time than this. With the COVID-19 outbreak, professionals are working from home and are investing quite a bit of their time in upgrading their existing skills. We have therefore launched a series of free online course that aim to enhance individuals' skills and proficiency with the most engaging learning environment.” 

He further adds “Our world today is undeniably digital. With new disruptive technologies replacing old archaic systems, people realise the significance of online learning and quite a significant number of people are opting for online courses. Those who have a desire to learn, to excel find their way to the top, for them barriers cease to exist. COVID-19 is an eye-opener and has educated people about switching to online learning. This sudden, but a smooth shift has raised awareness on the benefits of online learning and pursuing courses online.” 

With new innovations in the finance and data analytics industry, there is a dire need for skilled professionals to stay updated. It is important for professionals to identify opportunities, analyse the risks, predict market behaviour, forecast purchase trends, and conduct other such essential tasks. Innovation-driven technology, changing customer demands are pushing professionals to stay informed and thus this course plays a pivotal role in upgrading their skills.   

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