ClassMonitor Joins The Vernacular Learning Market

Edtech Startup ClassMonitor launching their Skill Master Hindi Edition Program for children to introduce Hindi as a vernacular language

ClassMonitor is launching the Skill Master Hindi Edition Program, a multi-year learning program for children. The course kits are designed to target children ageing between 2.5 - 5.5 years cost Rs 2,500. It would be accessible to people in 1000 cities in India and across 12 countries where ClassMonitor currently has its presence. The course is designed to introduce Hindi as a vernacular language to early learners in an engaging, active, play-based approach.

The Hindi Learning Language is approached in a contextual, integrated manner, and taught through themes that connect to a child's immediate environment, thereby making learning meaningful and relevant. With the launch, the Edtech Startup aims to cater to other languages and break any barrier in terms of language for early childhood education and home learning programs.

ClassMonitor is visioned on bringing a better education learning environment for parents and early childhood.

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