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With the NEP 2020, the Government of India stressed on a model wherein individuals can pursue courses for the duration that they wish.

The youth of today is ambitious and full of untapped potential. They are equally driven to work hard and achieve milestones, much sooner and higher than their previous generations. In such a scenario, it is necessary for educational institutions to offer courses that cater to their ambitions and potentials, and streamline their hard-work. The older modules and syllabi of higher education in India were very competent, no doubt, but they only allowed an individual to be certified after three to five years of consistent performance. In the fast-paced contemporary world, such a model needs to be challenged. 

With the NEP 2020, the Government of India stressed on a model wherein individuals can pursue courses for the duration that they wish. This provides multiple exit points with differing levels of certifications, to enable the student to pursue a vocation at their convenience. Such courses generally fall under the ambit of Bachelor of Vocational Education (B. Voc.) and are meant to specifically train the students with adequate skills required for a particular practice. B. Voc. courses stress more on application-based studies, or practical, rather than only theoretical knowledge, vastly different from the traditional models of Bachelor Degrees. In a B. Voc., completion of one year entitles one to a Certificate, two years a Diploma and three years an Advanced Diploma and Graduation in the subject. A student may choose to stop their education in any year and restart again at any time in such a system, making it very convenient to improve their  

Courses that are highly competitive, and completely contemporary are relevant to the growing industries of today. One look around and the importance of Web Technology is evident. Being able to do such a course with multiple exit points is convenient to any person wishing to become a skilled professional. A B. Voc. is at par with any other Graduate degree and hence, it can be used to secure employment anywhere in the world. It is no secret that India is a leading hub of Information Technology and Web Technology is soon catching up. 

Similarly, a course that warrants the attention of the current tech-savvy generation is on Data Science and Business Analytics. Although it seems very fancy, the field of Data Science is one the most indispensable subjects which have developed critically in the last few years. The NEP 2020 stresses on coding as an important subject to be taught to school-going youth in the coming years, putting impetus on the need to develop skilled Data Scientists in the current generation. With this view, revolutionized universities with thoughts like us offer a BSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics course which will get the current generation ready to take on the entrepreneurial culture that will see a boom very soon. 

We are now in a world where education is not merely for earning money, but also for making our lives, and those of others, better. Hence, courses such as Yoga, Data Sciences and Performing Arts provide ample scope in fields which have wider implications in our day-to-day lives. 

The field of Performance Studies and Yoga is very popular in global academia. Although an ancient Indian wisdom, Yoga has rarely been approached as a Science that could be taught in a University. But globally, Yoga is already being recognized as a great source of health and well-being and so is the Indian cultural background of performing arts which is famous worldwide for its distinct flavor. These courses equip students to pursue wide array of professions internationally. 

All these courses are not only relevant to the global citizen of today but are also highly recognized as off-beat courses which will be gaining much more importance in the future. It is crucial to include all these courses which are both futuristic and humanistic in a way that they are progressive but also altruistic in nature. We have a vision to create not just better students or better professionals, but better human beings and these courses provide the perfect balance to establish the same.

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