Creating An Entrepreneurial Mindest Among Learners

Our mantra is 'AWAKE, ASPIRE, ENLIGHT AND LIBERATE'. We take pride in saying that we are a university with a clear vision of promoting research and an entrepreneurial mindset among the learners. It is a university aspiring to be known as ‘Employer by choice’ by creating a continuous learning environment and industrial mindset benefitting the educators and learners.

Govind Narayan Singh, Secretary, Gopal Narayan Singh University
Gopal Narayan Singh University

Govind Narayan Singh, Secretary, Gopal Narayan Singh University speaks with BW Education about the inception of the university, challenges and the road ahead.

Tell us about the University`s Inception. 

Gopal Narayan Singh University, a unit of Deo Mangal Memorial Trust, is one of the leading universities in Bihar established in the year 2018, with strongly held values at its core. Located in the serene beauty of nature, sprawling across more than 50 acres of campus, Gopal Narayan Singh University is home to more than 3700 students and 1300 employees. Gopal Narayan Singh University’s extraordinary academic and research reputation attracts the best people from around the globe. We are serving the need of the learners in the field of ‘Medical, Para-medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Agricultural Science, Law, Journalism & Mass Communication, Information Technology, Commerce, Library Science & Management.

What were some of the challenges of setting up and scale that you had to overcome?

When it comes to describing the challenges of setting up and scaling, Challenges were aplenty, foremost being the very mindset of people around as nothing can be done in this area. There were serious infrastructural and law & order challenges, which were the major deterrents in attracting the talents. But we were pretty convinced right from the very beginning that we need to set up an affordable, exemplary and outstanding learning environment for the learners and a congenial environment for educators. We started addressing the problems as and when they arose and tried to give confidence to the people around us that such projects are easily doable here, as well.

What is the inspiration behind this venture?

The people of Bihar has been a deprived lot. Migration has been made as to its fate. We want to minimize the student’s migration, especially for higher education.

Our idea is clear. We believe in serving the need of society in an affordable and accountable way by developing a holistic child and creating a favourable environment for educators and researchers to hone their skills. 

What is your vision?

Our vision is “To be a world-class academic, research, and entrepreneurial university by providing excellence in learning and development, thereby creating practitioners, researchers, executives, ethical leaders, and responsible citizens through education, research, training, and social outreach engagements.”

What is the USP of the University? What makes you stand out?

We are not here to compete with anyone. There is a huge vacuum in higher education in Bihar. We want to fulfil that space by creating a conducive ecosystem for all stakeholders to promote education, research and entrepreneurship. We believe in ‘Continuous Growth & Development. We try to create new benchmarks which should excite all to push for the limits.

What is your revenue model?

Our major revenue comes from the fee received from the students and the hospital receipt of the medical college. There is a small contribution of funds from research projects and training programs, we conduct from time to time. The latter one’s contributions need to be increased substantially in future.

What have been revenues, traction and growth from the date of inception till now?

Gopal Narayan Singh University is being run under the agies of Deo Mangal Memorial Trust. Before starting the University in 2018, Trust was running a Medical, Paramedical, Pharmacy, Nursing and Management college which has helped us in less pressure on our revenues since inception. After the inception of the University, we have seen very positive traction and the growth trajectory has been on an upward swing even in the Covid period.

What are your expansion plans and goals?

We will be opening few more departments like Education, Science, Design, etc. We are also exploring the possibility of a second campus in Bihar itself.

Anything else that you would like to add?

The aim of Gopal Narayan Singh University is not to give just a degree. We want to prioritize knowledge over degree. Our focus is more on developing more and more entrepreneurs rather than just job seekers. We are trying to bring research to the forefront of University functions. 


Gopal Narayan Singh University is located in Jamuhar, Sasaram in Bihar on old Grand Trunk Road. This place is located between the historic town of Sasaram and the erstwhile industrial town of Dehri-on-Sone. The Kaimur Hills makes an excellent backdrop for this university.

It has 11 departments and 59 courses. They are Medical, Para-medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Agricultural Science, Law, Journalism & Mass Communication, Information Technology, Commerce, Library Science & Management.

The university is privately funded under the ‘Deo Mangal Memorial Trust.’ 

Other Statistical Information:

  • Total Students: 3800
  • Total Students in Hostel: 1400
  • Total Employee: 1350
  • Total Faculty/Department: 11
  • Total Courses offered: 59

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