Digital Marketing: Practical Knowledge Over Theory Knowledge

Digital marketing has been a boon for today’s interconnected world and with growing market demands, the need for marketing professionals is also skyscraping.

Digital marketing industry is quadrupling at an exceptional pace which has widened the horizon of opportunities in the industry. In the last decade, the marketing industry has gone through a paradigm shift with the scope changing from traditional to digital creating well-rounded visibility for the businesses. As the internet has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, it has created an opportunity for the businesses to extend its presence online too. Digital marketing has been a boon for today’s interconnected world and with growing market demands, the need for marketing professionals is also skyscraping. The current pandemic has shifted many businesses online which has prompted the promotions to go digital and invariably generating sizeable employment opportunities.  

With the new normal, online classes have gained popularity with nearly 65% of students are pursuing digital marketing courses online. The pressing question here is that if online learning with theory-based teaching is efficient for skilled-based industries like digital marketing. We have always been in a never-ending debate of whether practical knowledge should be prioritized over theory knowledge? According to me, a combination of theory and practical knowledge is important for holistic learning with practical study to aid skill enhancement and theory for conceptual understanding. However, the percentage share depends on the stream and curriculum. For instance, if you are a history student, your learning will solely depend on theory-based studying, whereas in our profession of marketing practical knowledge is key.  

And here is why! 

  1. Develops a better understanding: 

Can you learn to drive with just reading about the gear, clutch and accelerator? The same applies in digital marketing as it is more of experiential learning than theory. It’s the hands-on-learning experience that actually helps you imbibe the concept as opposed to knowing how to do it. Reading, listening or even watching the dos and don'ts of a skilled based profile will only impart basic understanding unless you dive right into it and start practically implementing the theories.   

E.g. As internet users, we click only on the first few links displayed on our SERP’s; thus, for an SEO professional, having solid practical knowledge on crawling, indexing, ranking, keywords optimization, etc. is crucial that the website ranks high gaining ample visibility for the brand.  

  1. Improves skills: 

Practice makes a man perfect! So physically engaging yourself in tasks, projects related to the course of your study will help acquire the right skill. Reading material on content marketing, SMM, SEO, web analytics won’t help unless you act on it. Practical knowledge shares exact skills and techniques that become the main tools of your job. Appropriate knowledge and correct application of skills will ensure smooth functioning of your daily marketing tasks.  

  1. Practical knowledge turns conceptual understanding to procedural memory: 

Theory knowledge is bound to fade over a period of time but an experiential understanding stays forever. Digital marketing being a dynamic industry, the marketer learns about new technology, algorithms and updates in his day to day activities. This knowledge when practically applied tends to stay for a longer time evolving into muscle memory 

  1. No need for mugging-up: 

Mugging-up is the most commonly practiced way which is probably going to stay in our education system for years to come; it can help you score good marks but what if you do not, can't apply it in the agency world?  Undoubtedly, bookish knowledge has its own importance which cannot be left out but when you enter into digital marketing, it’s the hands-on experience that takes centre stage. Digital marketing is a sector which welcomes individuals with practical understanding in order to deal with real-world expectations. 

As this industry demands professionals with relevant skills, seeking practical knowledge will strengthen your base for professional endeavours. it. Yet, it’s the theoretical knowledge having a greater influence and the students are running in the race of distinction. Hands-on training, practical exposure to the technologies, industry live projects, internships, etc. are a few ways for obtaining the precise knowledge in this domain. 

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