Dudes & Dolls World Offers Hybrid Mode Of Schooling

Dudes & Dolls World becomes India's first early childhood development school that offers a hybrid mode of schooling, to accomplish the goal of child development.

Dudes & Dolls school has an online and offline school and is now introducing the Hybrid mode, setting a new trend for the parents who are keen to develop their child with some flexibility. So far the response received in just a couple of hours after the launch has been very encouraging.

The school has created 'Studios' at their teacher’s houses which are equipped with a high-quality camera, mic, and writing tablets so that the screen quality looks really attractive to the young children and their attention span increases and teachers can make the experience as real as possible. Likewise, there is a dedicated activity area in the school which has a cooking studio, storytelling area, TV studio etc and such activities will be broadcasted live from the school for the children so that it is able to provide close to real experience rather than children watching images of these activities and these will be available for all the modes.

Dudes & Dolls aims to take 360-degree responsibility for the children’s development and that’s the reason the school has created ‘Bespoke’ Child development methodology that caters to the very specific requirement of each child irrespective of the mode of school selected by the children. The class structure and methodology has been equipped to cater to the ‘Bespoke’.

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