ESET Launches A Global Search For ‘Heroes of Progress’

Looking for the most progressive minds of the 21st century

ESET a global leader in digital security, today announces the launch of a new initiative, ‘Heroes of Progress’ – where it will be searching for visionary thinkers who have contributed to progress across a variety of industries, with technology at the core of the progress made. 

Behind all forms of progress, sits a team of brilliant, often maverick, creators that ensure great things happen. ESET is on a mission to find these progressives and shine a light on the unsung heroes that keep the world turning. 

Nominations opened on 11th May and will close on 26th June 2022, through ESET’s website. The entries, made through a 300-word executive summary, must outline examples of best-in-class work by the nominees that have made an impact through technology. This includes any technology invented, adopted, and improved, which advanced industries, society, or communities. To qualify for the award, nominees must work within at least one of the below fields, be actively involved in the work they are nominated for; and be over the age of 18. 

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