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The real difference can be made if the school choose the franchisor based on their dynamic R&D, committed service model and evaluating their previous work through their network/clients between franchise-school because what impacts is not what the school do but how they do it.

Education facilitates learning, knowledge, and skill. It completely changes our mind and helps us to compete in today’s competitive environment. Setting up a school is a noble initiative. Parents trust Schools completely and leave their valuable gift – their children in the school. It becomes an utmost responsibility of schools to ensure they give the best education. It brings a tremendous amount of responsibility on the promoters to stick to the vision and values of the school as it has a direct impact on the society. Schools are the place to role model values for the children to make them the best citizens of tomorrow.

Primary education is expanding. Many foreign schools are making their presence felt in India. Parents are enrolling their kids in international schools for better education directly from the primary level. India’s primary education sector has tremendous growth opportunities because approximately 29 percent of India’s population being between the age group of 0-14 years. The education industry in India is estimated to reach US$ 144 billion by 2020 from US$ 97.8 billion in 2016.

 Also, School education forms the second most important spend item on an Indian family’s list, just after food and grocery. Parents start enrolling their children in schools, at an early age - 3 years. It is important for schools to create a good learning environment. The environment which is engaging, experiential, enjoyable and fosters to emotional needs of children. Along with this, schools also need to keep updating on teaching methodologies which meet the demands of 21st century. 5 C’s – Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Conceptual understanding, and Character are the of 21st-century skills. Schools need to create learning spaces to develop these skills in children. Thus, schools in last two decades have become very dynamic organization – where People and Process need to be thoroughly updated and monitored.

Being successful in this profession and providing the best education, to the students has become very challenging.  Tying up with Knowledge Partner/ Franchise has inherent benefits.  Less Risk of taking wrong decisions. 

Knowledge Partner or franchisor with immense knowledge and experience is important to run the school. The Knowledge partner or franchisor by providing a proven success model, Standard Practices and policies keep the organization process - result oriented. The crux is knowledge partner saves school management’s time, money, efforts and resources as there is no need to reinvent the wheel. With this, school management has more time in focusing on implementation. Franchise schools are more likely to succeed than many other start-ups because they have a proven track record and have established and effective processes in place.

The good faculty is the crux of the schools. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap in demand and supply of good faculty.  Hence, schools are left with no option than training & supporting teachers with the quality lesson plan. Training & quality Lesson Plans is the need of the hour. Establishing a dedicated R&D in schools is the very costly affair. Franchisor provide all the training and academic support to schools, so schools do not have to spend precious time in the trial-and-error way of learning. In school education selection of the knowledge, the partner should not be based merely on brand name rather should be based on the educational philosophy and ability to transfer expertise through defined systems. A knowledge partner should have dynamic R&D, which has 360 degrees feedback system, wherein the flow of innovation in two ways. The school impacts thousands of students and outlasts generations hence a long-term strategy and a trustworthy and competent franchisor will ensure the success of the school and all its stakeholders

The advantage of being connected with a committed and service-driven knowledge Partner/franchisor - new school gets a quick head start in the market, benefiting from the experience, support, market presence, buying power, research and innovation of the franchisor. Besides this, the associates get nationwide acknowledgment. The network and bandwidth also help a local school connect nationally/globally and makes discovering best practices, student transfers, staff development and growth easy. Securing finances and making cost-effective purchases owing to volumes helps in the better financial planning of the school. It is far more, easier to get a loan to start an educational franchise business as franchisors provide all guidance and support via loaning institutes.

Hence, a tie-up with knowledge partner or franchisor is always preferable with a working model wherein there are flexibility and adaptability to understand the local needs and customize the implementation without compromising on philosophy and also, a scope for the franchisees to unleash their creativity and work towards their aspirations.

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