Education Today Is Not Just Limited To Classroom Or Textbooks

The purpose of the education should be preparing students for life not just for clearing grades.

The ultimate goal of education is to prepare individuals in society so that they can contribute in the future through economic development activities, social development activities and make their own lives and lives of people living around them happy and healthy, some people achieve that goal through conventional methods and making their academics as main pillar other achieve that goal through alternate ways and at times by creating their own path. Therefore when we look at education in totality, we can say that education in today’s era is not just limited to the classroom. It is much beyond that.

Education can be limitless; it’s not confined to the classroom, you can learn by eating outside, going to a park and by observing others, and playing sports with friends or any other action that you can take.

From the time baby’s eye open, the process of learning starts, majority of brain development happens in the initial years at that time children are hardly exposed to any kind of formal education system but they have the capability of learning.

To develop a human being as a well-rounded individual, it is important to look at things beyond textbooks also, so that other aspects of development can take place.

Often when we debate about education, a classic thought comes to mind, that should we focus on a textbook or beyond the textbook. Actually, both are important. What is more important is the process of integrating textbooks and beyond the classroom activities in a structured manner and creating an impact in a learners’ life.

The purpose of education should be preparing students for life not just for clearing grades or classes or any competitive examination. It has been observed that students who have a high level of self-awareness and have acquired additional skills which are specialized are able to better than the others. Beyond textbook, the classroom can help enrich a student's experience about education, they can simulate and experience real-life applications of theories that they have learned through the textbook.  

Can we ever imagine education without books, teachers and school? Is it possible? Never, therefore we need to take a more practical approach that is combined with the wisdom captured in the books and capabilities of teachers to facilitate it in a learner or students’ eyes while integrating this process activities that are essential but are 'beyond books' should be integrated in the process of learning and they may be facilitated inside the classroom, outside classroom, by parents or teacher, online or offline.

The primary goal of education is learning, not teaching. So let us look at education by keeping children as a center point and once we evaluate from what all sources learning can take place, we will find that each source has its own requirement and adds value, for example, there is too much stress on technology nowadays but its overuse and dependency on technical tools at an early age can have an adverse impact on the development of a child, on the other side books have their own place in the process of education, it provides a personal space and a format based approach to a child for reflection, learning and planning ahead in a very systematic manner.

Parents and educators today are in the cusp of evaluation, what is more relevant, education with books or beyond books. But extreme of both is not going to contribute significantly in the process of learning and development of the child, their evaluation of checklist must consist both the points and parents should give equal weightage to both.

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