Educational Games: Rediscover The Joy Of learning

When educators can transform the way they teach, they can transform the future and move imagination beyond space and time

It’s a belief that Online education and digital innovation were born just a few months ago along with the Pandemic. But, the truth is, it has been there in the space of education much before the pandemic. Hybrid digital learning came into light only after the physical presence in classrooms and restrictions were imposed due to pandemics. More than 1.5 billion people in the Education industry have been affected. It has changed our education model completely since the onset of the Pandemic. New technologies like Blockchain, ARVR (Augmented and virtual reality) solutions, AI, Internet of Things, 5G Networks, Immersive technologies etc. are rapidly evolving, transforming our work, home, and classrooms. Like many other sectors, technology has played a very important role in transforming the education sector.

Upholding high standards of education is more challenging than ever. Especially when teachers have to find new ways to engage students amid digital distractions. And in uncertain times, it’s hard to keep even students in school.  What we need are smarter and innovative solutions. The conventional method of learning is slowly losing its charm. When children learn through books, notes and blackboards, they often struggle with a lack of purpose. Though not always consciously, our instincts keep on asking us - ‘why are we doing this?’ Losing enthusiasm and focus often become unavoidable. Educational games on the contrary often use concepts like math, science, general knowledge etc to take the story of the game forward. So, even before your children are doing a subtraction problem on screen, they already know why they are solving it. Meet the next generation classrooms where students can re-discover the joy of learning even beyond classroom walls. It opens a window into another world and has changed campus lives with a touch. It makes every lesson a rewarding exchange as teachers track and motivates their student’s progress.

Gaming, thus, is a practical way of learning. It is a problem-solving technique that you as a player practice in your game world. A boy on a road has to sort different geometrical shapes that are blocking his way in order to progress forward. This is a practical problem. We in our daily lives are often met with such humble troubles. Centuries ago in Gurukulas, a child learnt how to bring down edible fruits from the tree by using a bow and arrow; today in an educational game a child can learn how the transfer of heat takes place while boiling water. As Gurukulas taught them to find pragmatic solutions, gaming in a similar way provides clarity on processes that are a part of everyday life. 

In India, with the booming Ed-tech industry, gaming is increasingly coming to the forefront as a serious learning tool. While the perception of gaming as a distraction hasn't been completely wiped out yet, the inclusion of educational games as a mandatory part of the curriculum by reputed schools clearly shows the change in mindset that has taken place and the positive route that lies ahead.

When educators can transform the way they teach, they can transform the future and move imagination beyond space and time. Powerful future driven solutions empower educators to defy the limits of the conventional syllabus. Digital innovation and collaboration has become order of the day in the education sector. Challenges to integrate the new technology within classrooms or education environment has been well received and Gamification is here to create that impact on the young minds; imparting education through games.

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