Eupheus Learning Collaborates With Global Education Solutions

Aligned with the vision of NEP 2020, to prepare students for Life Skills and Career Development

Eupheus Learning is partnering with Global Education Solutions (GES) for their proprietary platform - MyKensho, which provides life skills and career development tools for the overall development of students, aligned with the NEP 2020’s vision.

This partnership will strengthen the Eupheus offering within schools and bridge the gap between in-classroom and at-home learning solutions. Since the schools will have to draw out content, capability, tools, and resources to offer an overall development of students; Eupheus Learning will enable this through MyKensho and the deep expertise of the GES team.

With instructor-led intervention, this venture will enable students from the 5th to 12th standard to discover themselves and develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and attributes to make informed decisions about the study, work and life. GES is for the first time providing its platform, content, and delivery support to an EdTech player in India and the intent is to take it to the Middle East region together.

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