Experiential Learning Programmes To Improve Skilling

By engaging students via experiential learning, they are able to connect better with theoretical concepts and apply their knowledge to real-world situations effectively.

The Indian education system was working with a conventional approach until a few years ago. However, with the advent of the internet and digital adoption, the scenario changed drastically. At late, the concept of merely teaching students is fading away and is being replaced by the innovative approach of experiential learning. 

Experiential Learning: The New fad

The concept of experiential learning is picking up pace at the global level. It encompasses hands-on learning for the students to have access to effective education. It motivates the students to not just rote learn the concepts but to investigate, ponder, discover and eventually question to clarify their doubts. 

Experiential Learning: Need Of The Hour

Disengagement and lack of concentration are the major issues faced by the students in the present times. Experiential learning steps in a blessing in disguise for the students helping them to stay focused and learn with an innovative approach. Incorporating experiential learning in the educational system has various benefits. 

1. Holistic development of students

It shapes the students holistically by offering them the right balance of theoretical knowledge along with practical exposure. 

2. Ignites creativity and promotes independence

It kindles the imaginative side of the learners and pushes them to think out of the box. The students perceive every concept with a bird's eye view and attempt at resolving their queries independently. 

3. Instill soft skills

Experiential learning offers the students an opportunity to improve their personality and imbibe life skills such as problem-solving, leadership, management, teamwork, analytical thinking, etc. 

4. Enhanced educational experiences

With experiential learning, students can understand the concepts in a better manner by having exposure to real-world situations. The more they get to interact with the information in real world, the easier it becomes for them to grasp the concepts in a better manner. 

5. Changed attitude towards education and learning

The concept of experiential learning perfectly amalgamates students’ emotions as well as their knowledge bank and traits to engage them in studies. When they get to play an active role in the learning process, they exhibit higher gratitude and gratification towards education. 

Ed-Tech Firms Carving The Path For Experiential Learning

In this digital-riven world, ed-tech firms are rendering a helping hand in offering experiential learning to the students. Various ed-tech institutions are offering high-end experiential learning experiences. They blend classroom experiences, application of knowledge bank and eventually reflection to deliver exceptional and holistic learning experiences. They help students to identify their purpose as well passion and unlock their potential. 

These ed-tech platforms train students to make them future-ready and be prepared to brace for corporate life or entrepreneurship ahead.  They utilize applied learning and real-world research to enhance the students’ knowledge and skills. The learning interventions are strategically designed to ensure that the students realise their infinite potential and have a competitive edge in the market.  These ed-tech firms leverage the power of technology to train students to prepare them for universities and corporates and to assist them become better so as to reach one step closer to their goals. 

The Bottomline 

By engaging students via experiential learning, they are able to connect better with theoretical concepts and apply their knowledge to real-world situations effectively. The concept enables students to polish their cognitive and soft skills, develop a broader perspective towards situations as well as motivate them to pursue their interests and passion. A key element of experiential learning is that the knowledge that is gained by the student is by being practically involved in this pedagogical approach. Considering the present tech-savvy times, it would be appropriate to say that what was once an option rather than a strategy to enhance the educational experiences for students, has now emerged to be the dire need of the hour! Owing to its plethora of benefits especially helping learners in improving their skills and developing holistically; experiential learning is gradually becoming a prerequisite for new-age students! 

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