FORE Announces Launch Of 6th Batch Of AI Focused Certificate In Big Data Analytics

The course officially commences from 19th December 2020.

FORE School of Management invites applications from corporate executives, managers, researchers, graduate and post-graduate engineering and management students, to its 7 months Joint Online Certificate Course in Big Data Analytics for Business & Management. The program aims to develop competent and committed big data professionals and analysts who can contribute significantly to this futuristic discipline expected to create ripples across industries and segments. The course officially commences from 19th December 2020. 

This is a uniquely structured program that helps students to learn and apply it in real-world settings. Moreover, the industry-focused curriculum will build and hone cutting-edge skills in upcoming areas like business statistics, predictive analytics, business analytics, and web analytics.

Applications of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcend disciplines. Use of predictive analytics pervades diverse disciplines such as oil and gas, marketing and sales, sports, molecular biology, drug-designing, waste management, finance and so on. Smart cities, for example, are the melting pot where variety of big data technologies mesh with one another to transform a city into a semi-intelligent being. In Marketing and Sales, for example, Big Data & AI are fast emerging as potent tools to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and thereby act as strong drivers in spurring innovation. The course aims to prepare students in becoming adept at handling high volumes of data which can then be analysed in-depth for crunching relevant insights. There is also a special stress on deep learning technologies including Natural Language processing & Reinforcement Learning. 

The course is project-oriented. All tools, data and platforms including Deep Learning system, Hadoop-ecosystem and Kafka-streaming technologies necessary for learning data-analytics are provided to the participants in advance. There is a heavy emphasis on open-source technologies universally used almost throughout the industry. Subsequent to course completion, program graduates can seek employment in healthcare, banking, manufacturing and IT sectors. The successful participants will be awarded by Joint Certificate of UCR, California, USA and FORE, India.

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