Faber Castell, India Announces Annual Offline Campaign ‘Art With Purpose 2019’ Nationwide

The campaign focuses on building social awareness among children.

After a successful run last year, Faber- Castell India announces its annual offline campaign 'Art with Purpose, 2019'. The theme for this year is 'The Sport that I Love', encouraging participants to celebrate and pay tribute to a sport they feel passionately about.

According to Faber-Castell, various forms of art and creativity are not just a tool for education or hobby that children engage in. There is an additional aspect to art, which is an expression of opinions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs; art is a strong and traditional form of personal expression. And this idea is the heart of Art with Purpose, where Faber-Castell attempts to redefine art as a form of expression for children across ages. 

Speaking at the campaign’s launch, Marketing Director, Nisha Sara Jose said, “We desire to make ‘Art with Purpose’ one of the most aspirational program which is recognized in the educational sector as National Level Art contest that adds value to their overall curriculum and help build better individuals for tomorrow.”  

The initiative by Faber Castell India builds a sustainable association between educators &students by focusing on the aspects that influence the overall development of children through Art while also making sure the students experience the brand and the values it stands for. 

The programme will run in three phases - School Enrolment, School Level Evaluation, Regional Level Evaluation and finally, National Evaluation. 12 Winners will get a chance to visit the Faber Castell factory in Goa in January 2020.

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