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An AI-enabled digital data platform to automate everyday tasks and simplify communication within educational institutions and their student housing communities.

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In this era of technological advancements where there is an app for almost everything, managing everyday tasks and communication within educational institutions and their student housing facility or hostel should be a seamless process. However, most colleges, universities, schools and their student housing communities follow archaic methods of data management,  reporting, maintenance of paper records,  and other standard practices. Though some of these records are maintained for compliance, the work involved vs efficiency doesn't add up.  These old school methods result in ineffective and chaotic operations and communication between educators, students, parents and hostel administrators. In addition to this, due to these manual processes, key decision-makers at educational institutions do not have the required data-driven insights for forward planning, leading to very costly errors and wastage.

How does it work?

It offers a two-fold advantage – One,  it allows educational institutions and their student housing communities to do away with redundant and time-consuming management processes by automating every possible daily and repetitive tasks efficiently through the app. For example, using SpaceBasic, educational institutions can post announcements, manage maintenance requests, student leave applications, reduce food wastage at the hostel kitchen, track inventory, seamlessly integrate with biometric/face recognition to automate attendance, integrate with IoT devices such as energy meters to monitor room-wise energy consumption and manage student payments, all through the app. In addition to this, SpaceBasic provides data-driven actionable insights from the above features. These insights not only help institutions to streamline their operations but also leads to significant cost savings. 

SpaceBasic acts as an interactive networking platform for seamless communication between educators, hostel administrators, students and parents. Apart from ease of communication, through the SpaceBasic app, students also have access to global companies for internships, mentorship and knowledge exchange opportunities. SpaceBasic aims to bridge the gap between global corporate partners who provide students with skilling opportunities, jobs and internships, by connecting them on the SpaceBasic platform.

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