GIIS Introduces Virtual Classrooms In India Amidst Covid 19 Scare

A Continuity Plan (CP) has been implemented for its students and teachers to minimize the impact of the virus and minimize disruptions to students in their learning journey.

The NOIDA-based school Global Indian International School (GIIS), has commenced GIIS Virtual Classroom for its students from today, offering school lessons through online video conferencing technologies.  

GIIS schools in Bangalore, Pune, Surat and Ahmedabad will follow suit in a day, and with these, over 11,000 students at these ands overseas located GIIS schools would be able to attain virtual classes from the comfort of their homes. GIIS is the first school in the world to deploy Virtual Classrooms.

On the launch of virtual classrooms in India, CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi said, "By introducing Virtual Classrooms for all its students in India, GIIS is doing a great service to the student community. In aligning its education delivery during challenging times of Covid19, GIIS will bring a big relief to the parents community. We encourage all CBSE schools, as far as possible, to introduce similar innovative ways for their students to give them an uninterrupted learning experience.” 

Arjun Temurnikar, Asst Director of Technology at Global Schools Foundation, said, “At GIIS we have incorporated educational technologies that deliver maximum learning impact for every child, and the Virtual Classrooms are a great example of that. Virtual Classrooms facilitate innovation through dynamic exchange of ideas with real life bidirectional interactivity and this makes learning and teaching at GIIS an uninterrupted experience of innovative learning thoughts.” 

In view of COVID-19 and to ensure GIIS India students continue to receive education on a seamless basis, the school has put in place several innovative teaching techniques that the students can now take advantage of to keep themselves safe and secure at all times. GIIS has implemented a Continuity Plan (CP) for its students and teachers to minimize the impact of the virus and minimize disruptions to students in their learning journey.

GIIS schools have taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of students and some of these include temperature screening of all staff, students and visitors to the school, daily temperature checking by parents, and implementing special sanitising of entire schools as per WHO guidelines, on all days.  

Earlier, in light of the Covid-19 situation worldwide, GIIS Virtual Classrooms were rolled out at the GIIS schools in Japan and Singapore, where Japan government had asked all its schools to remain closed for 4 weeks and Singapore health officials had allowed schools to continue to operate, under strict health guidelines, that include total prohibition of large gatherings of students at all times.   

The Virtual Classrooms are very easily operated by students of age groups from 5 years to 18 years, by simply clicking a secure virtual classroom link within MyGIIS, a proprietary EduERP system developed by GIIS R&D at its SEZ operations in MIHAN NAGPUR. 


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