Get Ready For UPSC CSE Prelims

To maximize the chances of clearing the prelims exam, aspirants need to have a concrete revision strategy.

The countdown to UPSC CSE prelims 2021 has begun. The last 3 months are crucial for the preparation. This phase can convert hard work into positive results. The preliminary exam is designed in a way to filter out a maximum number of candidates.  

In order to maximize the chances of clearing the prelims exam, aspirants need to have a concrete revision strategy. It should contain plans for at least 2 revisions.

It is important to keep the following in mind while preparing the plan:

Revision Plan

  • Frame a revision plan with the remaining number of days. The revision cycle should be planned in a way to get in touch with all the major subjects regularly. Long gaps should be avoided.

Solve Enough Number Of Test

  • Solving more questions helps one to identify weaknesses, mistakes, and frame strategies.
  • Work on weaknesses. Identify topics to be re-visited. Focus on topics that are not clear.
  • Work on Common mistakes such as shading the wrong bubble, Skipping a question while shading etc
  • Frame strategy based on the accuracy of correctness. For example, go with more number questions if accuracy is low

Do Not Ignore CSAT:

  • Since it’s a qualifying paper, students often tend to ignore practising CSAT before the exam. 
  • It can prove to be a spoiler if one neglects CSAT. It is important to keep in mind that without qualifying for the CSAT, GS paper cannot be qualified. 

Give Equal Importance To GS & Current Affairs: 

  • With the recent pattern of question papers, it is advisable to focus on both GS & current affairs equally. 

Divide The Day Into Several Sessions:

  • Reading the same subject throughout the day causes monotony. To break it, divide the day into smaller sessions. Furthermore, allocate a session at night to revise what is read throughout the day.

Prepare Daily Timetable:

  • Plan your day early in the morning and try to stick to the plan. Do not have an over-ambitious target which causes anxiety. Lack of planning results in wastage of time.

Note Making:

  • Make small and crisp notes for all subjects. These notes can be revised over and over again. Remember not to add any lengthy statements. 

Stick To The Minimal Source:

  • No PhD is required in every subject. A basic understanding of most topics is essential. The key to UPSC is revision, to remain minimal with the source. The more the no. of sources, the more difficult the revision is.  

Proper Food And Sleep:

  • Healthy and Nutritious food with adequate sleep is very important. Sleep is essential for the proper working of memory. And to perform well, remaining healthy is very essential. Include short physical exercise in the routine.

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