Global MBA Programmes Becoming Popular Amid India's Workforce

Keeping the global disruptions in mind, pursuing an MBA from leading global universities adds the layer of global perspective to the course, thereby enabling learners to get a glimpse of the international business terrain and policies

The business landscape is undergoing disruptions yet again, following the global macroeconomic conditions, monetary tightening in the face of increasing inflation and supply chain challenges, thereby making it expensive to conduct business. The extended impact of geopolitical circumstances on the stock market is visible, with volatility on the incline. Therefore, given the very complexities in the external environment, the need for agile and adaptable talent is high, to navigate business profitability despite external factors. In this ‘VUCA’ world, managing complexities as a skill is paramount and this is why the value of skilled MBA graduates will always be the core need for businesses.

Keeping the global disruptions in mind, pursuing an MBA from leading global universities adds the layer of global perspective to the course, thereby enabling learners to get a glimpse of the international business terrain and policies. Global MBA offers learners a chance to dive into the policies, working cultures and overall behavioural imperatives, and therefore, such programs are curated to ensure that learners from diverse backgrounds hold the ability to identify and pitch viable innovative solutions, based on economic variables. 

And while global MBAs are coveted, they can prove to be expensive when considered alongside the cost of travel and stay. However, with the onset of online education, a subtle change has been observed, with more and more learners enrolling for online MBA courses being offered by Edtech platforms. According to a recent research report, it was concluded that in the US, online MBA learners outnumbered full time MBAs. As of 2020-2021, there were 45,038 students enrolled in online MBA programs in the US, compared to 43,740 students in full-time programs. 

Curbing enrolment cost and improving learning flexibility

Online EdTech platforms offer MBA programs from leading global universities like Deakin Business School, Liverpool Business School, Golden Gate University and Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva at a much lesser offline cost, while also rewarding you with internationally recognised curriculum, learning modules by industry experts, flexibility to learn at your own pace, and connecting with global peers on the platform. 

Additionally, increasing internet penetration and widespread acceptance of online MBAs have resulted in a higher proportion of women and underrepresented minorities taking up these courses to continue their LifeLongLearning journeys.

Why choose online global MBA programs

Online global MBAs enroll learners from vast geographies, thus giving them the chance to enhance their network. Due to the exposure to a diverse range of languages and cultures, learners can develop cultural competencies that help them stand out of the crowd, as an effective leader.  Moreover, an international university’s accreditation helps one accelerate their career, while also getting remarkable career outcomes in the form of salary hikes, promotions or job transitions.  The added benefit is that learners are taught how to collaborate effectively with people from all over the world and better understand their perspectives. Therefore, successful global online MBA graduates can expect a better return on their investment, in terms of career advancements and financial rewards.

Diverse career opportunities after global MBA programmes

Global online MBAs help learners break the conventional shackles and give them an edge over regular MBA graduates, while exposing them to the global climate. You can therefore, apply for worldwide job roles, such as International business development manager, International marketing manager, global management consultant, global supply chain management adviser, etc. To also help working professionals overcome career stagnation, these online programmes are a great alternative as it improves business acumen and interpersonal abilities by taking courses on a wide range of topics.

Diversifying future prospects 

Learners who pursue online MBAs from global institutes are well-equipped to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the business world. In order to pivot one’s career, the program's capability-focused curriculum and detail-oriented modules will help you develop skills across Accounting, Finance, Marketing Management, Operations, Supply Chain, Enterprise Risk Management and Leadership Engagement, People Performance at a global level. You can learn about how multinational businesses operate and thrive through its curriculum. One of the most important aspects of an Online Global MBA programme is that it teaches you about today's competitive business environment through a hands-on approach that's relevant in the real world of work. These online MBA programs enables candidates to become confident, forward-thinking leaders who can balance strategic thinking with excellent operational focus. 

It takes time to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, but making smarter decisions to opt for the right courses can reduce the hustle of the journey. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to travel and spend on the course and stay to acquire the skills that are in huge demand. 

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