Harappa: Achieving Transformative Outcomes From Women Leaders

Harappa is an online learning institution focused on accelerating the personal growth of their learners, to help them confidently navigate their most crucial career cusps.  

Each of Harappa courses and programs is designed to drive transformative career success using Thrive Skills, an essential set of cognitive, social, and behavioural skills that enable individuals to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career. 

It’s statistically proven that there is a strong correlation between the unique challenges women face at workplaces and the gender disparity in most boardrooms.  Research shows that women's leadership goals can get impacted by the way they are perceived; the double bind of likeability vs. authority, and a struggle to correctly position their personal brands. In addition to the challenges senior managers encounter, it’s an undeniable reality that women professionals face a unique set of challenges at work. Studies have shown that when women are given leadership roles, it leads to higher profits (a 50% increase), greater representation, and better collaboration. However, only 29 of India’s Fortune 500 companies have women in leadership positions with executive power.

To address the challenges women professionals face at the workplace, Harappa launched the Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) in March 2021, dedicated to helping women leaders and aspiring leaders accelerate their growth. This first-of-its-kind program has been mapped to 15 must-have Thrive Skills and is built on Harappa’s distinctive 10 on 10 pedagogy. 

These must-have skills include: Supporting & Empowering Other Women, Questioning Limiting Beliefs, Being Resilient, Communicating with Power, Increasing Self Awareness, Cultivating a Personal Brand, Having The Courage to be Vulnerable, Overcoming Perfectionism, Tackling Imposter Syndrome, Balancing Passion w/ Persistence, Building Alliances & Networks, Asking For Money, Moving from Judgemental to Neutral Language, Being Confident & Authentic, and Trusting One’s Voice. 

WLP drives 5 crucial learning outcomes that enable every learner to raise the bar through a 30-hour program spanning 15 weeks. It seamlessly combines the best of a rich, blended, and integrated online-first learning journey that delivers transformative behaviour shifts through self-paced online learning modules and live masterclasses. The program faculty is a mix of academic stalwarts and exemplary leaders including Nazli Bhatia, Senior Research Fellow, Psychology Department & Lecturer, The Wharton School, UPenn; T N Hari, Head HR, Big Basket; Neela Saldanha, Ex-PepsiCo, Accenture; Ireena Vittal, Ex-McKinsey & Co, Nestle; Manisha Natarajan, VP Brand & Communications, Brookfield Properties, Ex-CNBC India, NDTV and more.

Harappa recently launched a survey titled ‘What Women in Leadership Need. It surveyed women professionals and managers across industry verticals to understand the challenges they face on the path to leadership. Some of the key insights uncovered  through the survey are:

  • 90% of women still hesitate to ask for a raise at work
  • 99% of women believe it is extremely important for women professionals to build networks and alliances, whereas only 47% of women actively pursue opportunities for their professional growth and learning
  • 90% of the women professionals hesitate to ask for a raise at work
  • 85% of the women professionals feel that at least once in their career, they have been perceived as ‘bossy’ or ‘dominating’ when they were just being assertive
  • 74% of women affirm calling themselves a perfectionist
  • According to the data, nearly 72% of women consider communication to be the top skill that continues to help them in their professional journey, followed by confidence (65%) and self-awareness (41%)
  • Surprisingly, a mere 21% of women felt continuously supported by their male peers at workplaces. 
  • The outlook for women at workplaces looks bright however as 87% of women respondents believe that the future for women in leadership looks promising in the coming 3 years. 

Harappa’s Women Leadership Program is designed to drive professional growth for women leaders and leaders-in-making while bridging existing industry need gaps. 

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