Harappa Education Unveils A New Report: The State of Behavioral Learning 2020

The report aims at understanding potential opportunities and strategic priorities suited to driving behavioural skill-learning and adoption.

Harappa Education, India’s online learning institution, has released a new report “The State of Behavioral Learning 2020” in association with People Matters. Rooted in this research, Harappa Education’s aim is to understand strategic priorities and opportunities in the area of behavioural skilling.

Businesses around the world are being disrupted and as the need for future-proof workforces becomes even more compelling, the path to success is no longer straightforward. One thing is clear: behavioural skills are fast becoming a differentiator in the world of work. The report aims at understanding potential opportunities and strategic priorities suited to driving behavioural skill-learning and adoption, as well as the approach and focus areas for impact measurement. Key highlights of the report are:

  • 96% of participating companies believe coaching is important to impart behavioural skills
  • Only 29% of organizations have a personalized behavioural learning roadmap for all their employees
  • “Applying learning to work” and “an uncertain business environment” are the top challenges in implementing behavioural programs
  • “Collaboration”, “Client Management” and “Leadership” skills are the most important behavioural skills that businesses need today
  • “Feedback Surveys” and “Performance” are the top impact measures on behavioural learning
  • 77% of companies have an employee budget of less than ₹25,000 per person per year, for behavioural skills
  • Senior leadership and managers are top priority when it comes to behavioural skills

Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa Education said, “We can’t ignore the relevance of behavioural skills in today’s competitive world of work. This research is aimed at understanding how organizations are navigating the need, buy-in and dissemination of these skills. At Harappa, we believe that behavioural, social, and cognitive skilling is crucial for professional success. We hope that this study will help us better understand the role organizations are playing to enhance behavioural skills as a necessity, as well as how they are creating measurable learning paths for their employees.”

The report also features crucial findings about the key behavioural skills employees need to succeed in the workplace as well as excerpts from interviews from noted leaders in the industry like Anup Malavia, Global Head–Learning & Organization Development, TATA Technologies; Ramakrishna Vyamajala, CHRO, Home First Finance Company India; and Arpita Banerjee, Vice President, BCOE - Talent Management, Learning & Development and Organisation Effectiveness, Grasim Chemicals, Aditya Birla Group.

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