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BW Businessworld complied a list of jargons and lingos for students which may help them to learn the informal language prior to join the dream business school


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All aspirants have geared up with all the studies, mock test and other activities to get through the CAT 2017 on 26 November. There is another crash course for students which may help them to learn lingos/jargons prior to joining the dream business school. Not only students, in fact, most of us use jargons and short forms use to make a convenient conversation.

It has not any particular meaning in the dictionary, however, it inherits a meaning in itself. These jargons are meant to quickly express ideas that are frequently discussed in the groups of colleges/institute.

As the social media is on the verge, all students are up-to-date about all news terminologies much prior to any other source of information. Here is a crash course to give an insight into the college or institute.

Today if you notice two collegiate talking, you may not be able to comprehend the topic of discussion, the reason being they generally accessorise it with some terminology which is at par for normal people to understand. Not because, they (people) lack the language Gyan, it's because they lack the campus lingo Gyan.

This settings specific lingo has become more than a convenience need these days, whether its office, college or a club it has a deep presence in all spheres of life.

Similarly, Management Schools have their own jargons and short forms. B-School students use these words for every possible expression. The name of the management course itself is a jargon i.e. MBA. The list of some famous jargons (Formal & Informal) is given below:

MBA: Master of Business Administration

MBA (MS): Master of Business Administration - Management Of Services

MBA HCA Part Time: Master of Business Administration - Health Care Administration

MDP: Management Development Programme

Exe-PGP: Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Management

PGP: Post-Graduate Programme

PGCPM: Post Graduate Certificate Program in Management

PGP-PMP: One-Year Post Graduate Programme in Public Management and Policy

PGDM: Post-Graduate Diploma in Management

PGP-ABM: Post Graduate Programme in Agri-Business Management

MMS: Masters in Management Studies

PGPX: One Year Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives

TQM: Total Quality Management

PM & IR: Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

BM: Business Management

GMPL: General Management Programme

ISEP: International Student Exchange Programme

IPMX: International Programme in Management for Executives

FPM: Fellow Programme in Management

SWAC: Students' Welfare and Activities Council  

CCBMDO: Certificate Course in Business Management for Defence Officers

BBBEP: BroadBand Based Executive Education Programmes

PGCPM: Post Graduate Certificate Program in Management

SWAC: Students' Welfare and Activities Council  

PPO: Pre Placement Offer

PPI: Pre Placement Interview

GD: Group Discussion

PI: Personal Interview

PPT: Pre-placement Talk

CP: Class Participation (Taking part in class discussion)

CoCo: Class Coordinator (For each subject, one student is elected CoCo who interacts with faculty of that subject)

NC: Night Canteen

Harvard Steps: Steps to the entrance building of IIMK

STW: Spread the word

TIA: Thanks in Advance

MMTIA: Many Many Thanks in Advance

PFA: Please Find Attached (PFA is used while sending an attachment through a mail)

PL: Please

FYI: For your information

FYR: For your reference

BB: Black Board

Circle back: Come back to an issue later

CLM: Career Limiting Move

COB: Close of business

EOD: End of the day

OIG: The Operations Interest Group (OIG) is a special interest group which aims at developing an interest, imparting knowledge and testing skills in the field of operations management. It functions by way of organizing games, case competitions, paper presentations, live projects and other such activities

MRC: The Media relations Committee is the press corps of the Institute and interfaces with the national media for communicating and highlighting the institute's initiatives and achievements in diverse fields.

PRiSM: (PRomotion of Interest in Students for Marketing) gives the students an opportunity to apply marketing concepts in practical situations. MarkStrat is a first-of-its-kind marketing event across leading B-Schools in India. PRiSMAG, the internal journal on marketing aims at keeping students abreast of the latest happenings and practices in the field of Marketing.

SIGFI: The Special Interest Group in Finance is a platform for the student community to keep abreast with the latest developments in finance. Initiatives include Mudra, the inter B-School paper writing contest, DISHA, an Inter B-School Live project competition, Chakravuyh, an intra IIM finance fest and Finsense, an online stock trading game.

STEX: The Student Exchange Committee (STEX) is the backbone for the student exchange programme at IIML. It acts as the one point interface between the faculty, students at IIM Lucknow and the international students. It aims at facilitating passage of IIML students to foreign universities and provides complete assistance to the exchange students from international B-schools during their sojourn on campus.

ALCOM: Alumni Committee (IIM Lucknow Alumni Committee)

FMAAA: FMS Alumni Association

ASAP: as soon as possible

FYIA: for your information and necessary action / for your immediate action

HR: Human Resources

KPI: Key Performance Indicators

R&D: Research and Development

Here are some interesting ones:

Fresher: Someone who has less than one year of prior work experience

Bloody Fresher: Someone straight from his/her bachelor college. With Zero work experience

DCP: Desperate Class Participation (Asking Silly and meaningless questions in the class)

Pappu: When someone gets a PPO, he is called Pappu that day.

Global Gyaan/Gas: Speaking something theoretical which has no sense at all

Ghissu: Extremely Studious Guy/Girl

Do it for K: This is the most clichéd statement at IIMK. Whenever someone requests something from the batch, he uses this phrase "Do it for K"

Chamkaa: Got it, Understood it

PPT: Post-placement treat

K-dio: Internal Radio Channel of IIMK

Chettaland: Kerala (Because in Malayalam, bhaiya=Chetta)

Free Riders: Those who don't work at all in group projects, just get free marks without giving any inputs

YSC: Your Sutta Corner

Fin God, Marketing Guru: People who are very good at finance or marketing

Wormhole: Internal server, where all the movies, TV serials, software and songs are stored

Kampus, Kollege, Kricket, Kar: At IIMK, every word which starts with the pronunciation 'K' is spelled with K in the beginning, even if the actual spelling has C as the first alphabet.

Heavy lifting: Doing the hard work

Hot button: An important issue

Magic bullet: The perfect solution to a problem

Onboard: Agree with something. Or commit to being a part of something

Vertical: where your business is located and your competition

Whiteboard: To write ideas on a dry erase board

Win, win deal: A deal that is good for both people involved

Zero sum game: A time where someone wins, but someone else must lose

M&A: Mergers & Acquisitions

IPO: Initial Public Offering

JIT: Just in Time

Da: Friend, Buddies

Veernam Night: Good Time, Had lots of fun on that particular night, watching night shows etc.

GRAX: Gossip and Rumors @ XLRI

FRAX: Free Riders @ XLRI

GASS: Talking global gyaan (Speaking in front of a bewildered crowd and like an enlightened soul when in fact you are as ignorant about the topic as any other soul!!!!)

ACP: Arbit Class Participation (When student suddenly wakes up in class and finds a moral obligation to speak up)

DCP: Desperate Class Participation (When faculty sets marks for class participation and student knows nothing, still needs to tell as much as he can)

JLT: Just like that organise regional activities on particular days all through January and February. The committees include: Rajaxi: Rajasthani Association at XLRI, ROBAXI:

Royal Bengal association.....; TAXI: Tamil Nadu Association, COWbaxi: for the people of the Plains and so on.

SAC: Student Affairs Council, Maxi: marketing association at XLRI and so on.

SAG: Student Activity Group

Pravachan: campus lingo for hackneyed lecture

Gyan Session: General Knowledge Lectures

CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

Lateral Placements: Placement session for executives with prior work experience

Cold call: In B-school, it's a method of teaching, where a professor randomly selects a student to discuss a business case

RGed: There is a concept in IIMs -- borrowed from IITs -- known as Relative Grading. The grade you get depends on how well other students fare. For example, you could get 85 out of 100 and still get a C because other students scored more. In short, a few high performers can skew the grading curve and mess up with rest of the class. This, in campus lingo, is known as getting 'RGed'.

Work-ex: Work Experience

Fudging: cheating as in a test

Funda, Fandu: a slang for fundamentals used with numerous connotations

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