Henry Harvin, One School Of Business Collaborate To Advance Business Management Education

The main objective of this collaboration is to impart knowledge and skills to students for managerial roles in the varied management functions across different industries

Business-related courses have gained utmost importance in the past couple of years, these courses give students a good understanding of basic economic principles and how markets are affected by world events, and help in better-informed invested decisions. To provide students with advanced business learning, Henry Harvin has announced its collaboration with one of the top business schools in India, One School of Business. The collaboration intends to strengthen organizational behaviour, management skills, decision-making abilities, and corporate readiness among students. Henry Harvin course; MBA i.e. Master of Business Administration has been accredited by One School of Business in this collaboration. 

With the help of these courses, students will be able to display problem-solving abilities backed by suitable analytical procedures. They will also be able to analyse business issues with moral and socially responsible judgment.

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