Hostels: An Open Door To Learning

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us.” - John Dryden

What makes a hostel life different is the atmosphere it provides to the students for their mental, social and intellectual development. It gives a more practical approach to life where both restrictions and independence are present in a proportionate manner which enhances the quality of life and the overall personality of a student during their growth. The right amount of practical training, punctuality, regularity and discipline is what makes the hostel an ideal place for the construction and maintenance of a well-groomed individual. The most important advantage that makes hostel life different is an opportunity to make new friends and socialize. Students come from different families and different cultures which enables them to have a better understanding of different natures and different minds making them more adaptable and tolerant. They develop a sense of unity in diversity and broaden their outlook. The inculcation of quality of better human understanding helps them have a better approach to a lot of practical things in life. They learn social etiquette and learn to lead a better life. To quote Bertrand Russell:

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation”

During the hostel life, a student is completely free and independent to spend his time and money the way he wants and this sense of independence over a period of time gives them a better understanding of using their resources judiciously and in a more sustainable manner making them wiser and giving them a better approach to life. As it is said:

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Since they are living away from their families, by default it becomes their duty to remain honest towards their educational and moral responsibilities, giving them an ample chance to learn to lead a responsible life. The quality of coming up with opinions and standing by them is what helps to make students good and responsible citizens and the hostel is the best place for inculcating the habit of standing up for oneself and having an individualistic approach. Life in a hostel instils confidence in the students which enhances their personality and helps them make wiser decisions that suits them best. 

For the development of both mind and body, a hostel has a number of facilities like a common room and provisions for both indoor and outdoor activities. The very purpose of hostel life is to make the students see and realise the importance of community and co-living and this is what makes them different from the students who are deprived of this opportunity. A hostel is a world on a smaller scale and trains the students to lead an independent life. They are at liberty to acquire any habit or taste which sticks to them forever. Life in a hostel is marked by a clock-like regularity which is difficult if students are staying home with their families. It places the character of a student on a firm footing making his life educative and builds his character.

On the other hand, the major demerit and the only disadvantage of hostel life is the fact that students are away from their homes and their parents which at times leads to homesickness and the absence of proper guidance. There are chances that some may choose what is not right for them but this is where the right decision-making comes into the picture. It is a boon and a bane both at the same time. Those who make the best out of what they have got are a success. 

So, life in a hostel builds character, makes a person regular and provides them ample scope for the free play of all the activities they find their interest in. It is a place where they get a chance for the growth and display of subtle elements in them. They find a society for themselves that moulds their character turning them into better human beings. Hostels possess a quality of taking the best out of the people and later making them use it for their best. As it was said by Henry Van Dyke:

“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there, except those that sang best.”

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