How AI Is Contributing To The Evolution Of The Online Education Space

AI is applied to education through specific tools that help to develop skills and testing systems.

Online education platforms have become crucial for education during the long lockdown period. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is getting used to the sudden new norm of completely tech-mediated teaching and learning. The online education system is evolving to enable total technology-mediated education. Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to alter education tools and institutions while changing the future of education. AI is applied to education through specific tools that help to develop skills and testing systems. 

Digitization and AI have brought in massive efficiency and effectiveness in the field of education and resulted in an increase in completion rates in the digital higher education system. AI helps to provide high quality digitized learning content which is contextualized to make learning interesting and engaging. The new technologies introduced by the emerging sciences of artificial intelligence helps to create customized learning plans and methods. It is like a specialized learning science combining learning psychology, behavioural analytics, content delivery and assessments to measure the progress. Artificial intelligence tools help to make global classrooms available to all kinds of learners including those with special needs. 

These digital platforms that utilize AI to provide learning, testing and feedback, identify gaps in knowledge and reorients learning to new topics when appropriate. Machines are able at effectively grading multiple-choice tests and there is a high potential for AI to create more efficient enrollment and admission processes. AI can help fill the need gaps in learning and teaching through efficiency and personalization. 

Online education can assure that students are perceived as individuals, allowing their education to be structured around their unique learning needs to best help students grasp information. This adaptive learning system allows for different learning models to be constructed based on individual student requirements. Online learners are provided with an advanced personal assessment and a customized learning journey that results in a thorough education. 

The idea to customize a curriculum based on every student's needs is viable for AI-powered machines. It helps to provide learning based on an individual’s particular needs through a level of differentiation. AI can save time for grading assignments while offering recommendations for how to close the gaps in learning. The advanced algorithms of AI adaptive programming can provide students with personally structured one-on-one education that will help to avoid education bias. The complex AI algorithm is able to assess how well students grasp subjects to redirect teaching approaches when needed to provide a maximum learning experience. By leveraging the best attributes of machines and teachers, AI creates the best outcome for students. 

With the progression of the world, having a degree is a minimum qualification required for most quality jobs. And college degrees are getting extremely expensive which makes it difficult to afford education. E-learning allows deviating from a set syllabus to provide students with knowledge that is always relevant. Online education is highly popular, effective and affordable due to advances in artificial intelligence. 

The advances in the field of AI is helping to shape e-learning as the education of the future. E-learning is offering an entirely new education service that allows individuals to receive an education without sacrificing their savings and it provides far less of a financial burden than traditional higher institutions. There are various forms of AI applications which are being developed for education including AI mentors for learners, development of smart content and virtual global conferences. Education is among the latest sectors to utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning, but the changes are beginning and will definitely continue.

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