How Amusement & Theme Parks Help Children Nurture?

Amusement and Theme Parks are a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike. Meant for absolute entertainment in safe, friendly and adventurous environment, these playful recreational areas have nurtured children in more than one way.

Happy Planet

Designed in gorgeous, bright colors to attract children, its vibrancy heightens the excitement and prepares kids for some courageous activities. The color therapy also helps in calming the anxious minds and encourages them to participate in different games and bustles. The atmosphere filled with thrilled children is a perfect milieu for every age group to involve in and conquer their inhibitions. When a child watches another one play and partakes varied sporting pastimes, it is super cheering and rousing, thereby stimulating him to giveaway his fears. 

Amusement Parks bring people of different walks of life together, exposing children to diverse characters and the populace. Children watch and learn from their parents and the accompanying group about how to interact with new people. Playing, intermingling, watching and learning in an environment which is full of fun, leisure and sporting activities gives an adrenaline rush to the kids; which boosts their confidence abundantly. 

Different activities like Bouncy Crèche, Adventure Zones, Carting, Shooting, Merry-go-rounds, Slides and Swings, as well as introduction to varied kiosks and their trade commotion, gaming zones and their technicalities, wins and losses, systematic entry, exit and waiting time for the children’s turn, teaches them to be bold, open, active and patient at the same time. Children also sense the need for belongingness and feel responsible and developed. They understand dealing with emotions while enjoying different adventures and grow an inclination towards outdoor, physical activities. 

Amusement and Theme Parks also train children to work in teams to achieve certain targets and win the games. These activities subtly showcase the need for taking efforts to succeed while also reflect different aspects of life in the most jovial way. Children learn to control and balance their thoughts, ideas, and emotions whilst developing newer insights. A number of dissimilar games, interesting sessions and learning activities, devoid of academics give them a new perspective and enhances their strengths and weaknesses. It shows them the unusual ways of enjoying every moment while developing their interests and passions. Such activities often lead to them being creative and enthusiastic about some hobby or sport, thus building a possibility for a future legend. 

A well-developed play zone makes for a superb platform for children to be themselves without being judged and assessed. With no fear or pressure of performance, it gives them the freedom to take pleasure in amusement and relaxes them completely. Away from any electronic gadgets, out with new and different people, children learn to see beyond the screens and classrooms and such experiences nurture them boundlessly.

Happy Planet in Mumbai and Pune aims for the overall nourishment of children and therefore focuses on creating experiences which are memorable, budding and help kids bond with their parents and peers, blissfully.  

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