How Can The Learning Of These New-age Skills Positively Affect Student’s Employability

The 20th century is all about new technologies led by artificial intelligence and data analytics.

“This is the best time for people who have the right skills and the right education because there are tremendous opportunities. It’s also the worst time in history for people with ordinary skills and education.” - Nick Van Dam (Global Chief Learning Officer at McKinsey) 

Consider that in the 17th century, one needed great farming skills to be successful. But the 20th century is all about new technologies led by artificial intelligence and data analytics. To stay current and relevant to employers, one needs to think about upskilling and reskilling. There are a lot of courses available online to help you with this and that too, at a very low cost. The only downside – most of these are recorded classes whereas most people (95%) would prefer to learn live. Some leading schools offer live online courses and people are willing to pay to learn in real-time with practical application. In short, there are multiple options out there and while the mode of learning is entirely optional, developing employment skills is not.  

Consider marketing. Almost every job advertised is for someone with strong digital marketing skills. Most graduates have rudimentary skills and the gap between top international talent and Indian talent is sadly widening. The world that we live in is dynamic and people must invest their time to constantly update their skills.  

The internet has evolved to become a one-stop source of information. Real-time and at no cost! Hence, companies have stopped looking for knowledgeable people. The game has shifted to skills and competencies. Now, before you start to think that both mean the same, let's understand that skill is the learned power to do something competently. Competencies are inherent qualities an individual possesses – combining skills, knowledge and ability. Education can measure these through new types of assessment, and there is technology available today that can give numeric scores. In the 20th century, one was evaluated for the specific knowledge they needed to do a job. Today, it’s all about the skills and competencies you possess.  

As AI eats more jobs, people need to skill up and ride the AI wave and not be drowned by it. It’s very easy to put this off, but it could be too costly. Almost every successful company has transformed itself digitally. In our case, even our MBA program has technology embedded in it. It’s no longer decision-making but data-driven decision-making. Technology has merged with business. This is what creates a value-added business manager.  

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